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-SproutCore HTML5 Application Framework
-SproutCore is a framework for building blazing-fast, desktop-like applications
-in the web browser using only native HTML5 features. With SproutCore, you can
-build rich, interactive applications in the web in less code than most simple
-web pages require today.
+!!!WARNING!!! This Repository has been DEPRECATED!
-The easiest way to get started with SproutCore is using the Abbot build tools
-included with the SproutCore package when you install it from the Ruby gem.
-Please see the Get Started documentation on the SproutCore website for more
+The SproutCore account has moved from the **sproutit** account to the [**sproutcore** account]( on github.
+This repository is now available at <>.
+While we will leave this repository around for a bit longer, it will no longer be the canonical SproutCore
+repository and we will eventually remove it!
-If you would like to contact the authors, you can reach the current maintainer
-at <>
+For Cloned Copies
-## Contributors
+ git remote rm origin
+ git remote add origin git://
-SproutCore has been built thanks to the tireless efforts of many talented
-developers. Special thanks to the following developers who contributed lots of
-code and ideas:
+For Submodules
-- Alex Iskander
-- Billy Kakes
-- Brian Cully
-- Charles Jolley
-- Chris Hyle
-- Colin Campbell
-- Cortland Klein
-- Devin Torres
-- Erich Ocean
-- Evin Grano
-- Geoffrey Donaldson
-- James Austin
-- Jason Ketterman
-- Jonathan Lewis
-- Joshua Dickens
-- Juan Pinzon
-- Majd Taby
-- Matthias Loitsch
-- Martin Ottenwaelter
-- Maurits Lamers
-- Mike Ball
-- Mike Subelsky
-- Mohammed Ashik
-- Onar Vikingstad
-- Peter Bergstrom
-- Peter Wagenet
-- Ray Bodenhorn
-- Santosh Shanboque
-- Sudarshan Bhat
-- Tanner Donovan
-- Teresa Tsui
-- Thomas Langemann
-- Tom Dale
-- Trek Glowacki
+Open the `.gitmodules` file in your repo's base directory.
+Replace all occurrences of `` with ``.
-## Acknowledgements
-SproutCore includes code from a number of different open source projects
-* [jQuery](
-* [Prototype](
-* [Datejs](
-* [JSON2](

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