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mj1856 commented Feb 27, 2013

Hello! I just stumbled upon WallTime-js. I read your blog post and see that you encountered similar issues with timezone-js that I did.

I have been looking for a reliable replacement. I also stumbled upon bigeasy/timezone. Have you looked at this at all, and if so - how does it compare to WallTime?

Would you be so kind to post a package for WallTime-js on Nuget? And if not, do you mind if I do?



jgable commented Feb 27, 2013

Hi, I had not seen bigeasy/timezone but it looks like a decent library. At least they have unit tests. I'd like to see how they behave when a users computer has a different time zone than the one they want to translate to, that has been the really hard test for us.

I like the idea of a nuget package. Let me look into what it's going to put that into our build process.


jgable commented Mar 18, 2013

I looked into this briefly and wasn't happy with what I saw. Most of the tutorials say you should run a separate windows app to create the package. If it was just a simple xml file thing I could live with it, but having to log into windows and run an app every time I need to update the package is prohibitive.

I'll keep it open in case others want to try and take a stab at it, it would be a welcome contribution. Especially one that didn't require the windows app.

mj1856 commented Mar 18, 2013

I would be happy to publish and maintain it for you. I require two things:

  1. A way to know exactly what version number to assign to which commit. Git commit tags work well for this.
  2. A way to be notified when there is a new release. Either via direct email, mailing list, or some other mechanism.

I am already doing this for Q.js and have published a few of my own packages


jgable commented Mar 19, 2013

You are welcome to publish it. I already tag each version before publishing to npm. Once you put out the first version we can close this ticket, but I'll ping you here via a @mj1856 mention in a comment if there is a new version.

Thanks for the help.

mj1856 commented Mar 19, 2013


I included:

  • walltime.js
  • walltime.min.js
  • walltime-data.js
  • walltime-data.min.js

It's fairly standard convention to include the minified copy, and I wanted to include the full data js so it is usable out of the box. Those that want smaller data sizes can follow your instructions on the main site.

Ping me whenever there is a significant version to publish. I don't think we have to publish every point release. Thanks!

mj1856 closed this Mar 19, 2013


jgable commented Mar 19, 2013


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