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Spotlight plugin for jQuery
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jQuery Spotlight Plugin

This is a plugin that allows the creation of a spotlighted content module.

You can see an example here:


  If you'd like to manually stop/start a spotlight module:

  Multiple spotlights can be run simultaneously.

  featureItems  - Class name for featured items
  itemContent   - Class name to search the featured item for from which to retrieve the featured content
  feature       - Class name of the main featured content container
  featuredClass - Class name to add to a featured item when it is selected
  displayTime   - Number of seconds to show a feature
  autoReStart   - After a user hovers over an item, should the rotation be restarted automatically?
  transition    - The transition style (fadeIn, slideDown, etc).
                  For an effect at default speed just use a string: 'fadeIn'
                  To set the speed use an array: ['fadeIn', 'fast']
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