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Official place for the Spryker community to share their projects. Projects here might be incomplete, not support by Spryker itself and is provided as-is.


Hi 👋 We are the official Spryker Community 👋

We like to build and share our innovations.

The Spryker Community Github is a project to empower our open source community extension maintainers, and encourage new contributors to get started contributing to the Spryker ecosystem.

Extensions in the Spryker Community Github are independently led and maintained projects by members of the broader Spryker community, some of whom happen to be Spryker employees, or are projects/tutorials that are created and maintained by the Spryker team!

⚠️ Spryker extensions found in the Spryker Community Github are maintained by the community and are not part of the commercial Spryker product. Spryker does not support community extensions as part of its commercial services to enterprise customers.

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  1. otel otel Public

    Hackathon team "Tracer Titans" created the OpenTelemetry integration for Spryker Hackweekender

    PHP 1 1

  2. otel-php-docker otel-php-docker Public

    Extends official PHP Docker images with extensions and tools to be able to run Spryker on.

    Dockerfile 1 1

  3. spryker-autowiring spryker-autowiring Public

    Forked from RodinVasily/spryker-autowiring

    This package enables autowiring for Spryker

    PHP 1

  4. spryker-google-tagmanager spryker-google-tagmanager Public

    Forked from fond-of/spryker-google-tagmanager

    Google Tag Manager integration for Spryker


  5. docs docs Public

    Documentation for community projects

  6. Public

    Forked from mearashadowfax/ScrewFast

    CommerceQuest community website (WIP)

    Astro 1


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