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Graphics I

This constitutes project work from Graphics I.

The code was written in a Unix environment. The code probably compiles elsewhere, but don't take my word for it. At minimum, the Makefile will require changes in order to build on other systems.

I may begin using pthreads to handle game controller input, which would make the project Unix only.

Screenshots & Video

Project I - Just triangles Project II - Arwing Project II - Dodongo Project II - Majora's Moon Project III - Solar System Project III - Solar System


To run, make project1 && ./project1, and make two && ./two and so forth.

(Project I may not compile anymore.)

Credits / notes

I included some 3rd party libraries:

Project 2 loads several models extracted by Alec Pike, Zerox et al. from Nintendo 64 videogames. Those assets are not included in this repository.

Texture/environment mapping credits:

These files are also too large to keep here. I'll link to a tarfile soon.