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Permalink Management Module for Spud
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Spud Permalinks

The Spud Permalinks plugin provides url redirection support for the spud platform with a clean admin interface. With this plugin, urls can be dynamically defined for redirection. This plugin also supports polymorphic attachments from other plugins or your app. An example would be the spud-cms plugin which automatically adjusts the permalinks list as pages are renamed. This is great when migrating an old site to a new site and needing to 301 permanently redirect old urls.


  • Dynamic URL Redirection (via ServletFilter)
  • Implements Cache Plugin for caching permalinks list ( High Performance )


To install simply add the spud-permalinks plugin to your BuildConfig:

plugins {
  compile ':spud-permalinks:0.1.0'

You can programatically use the spudPermalinkService to define permalinks for other domain objects:

def page = SpudPage.get(1)
spudPermalinkService.createPermalink('/oldurl', page, '/newurl')

You can also remove all permalinks for an attachment via:


To add your own permalinks dynamically simply use the "Permalinks" dashboard app in the /spud/admin panel.

NOTE: If you find yourself needing to evict the permalink cache from manually using the SpudPermalink domain you can do so with the evictCache Method:

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