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Sharding mechanism for AvroBase

- A sharded AvroBase starts with no shards at all, only a reference to the sharding strategy where
  all the book keeping is done
- The sharding strategy determines how keys will be divided between shards
  - Partition: the keyspace is divided when a new shard is added and each shard has a contiguous set of keys
  - Bin: each shard contains a set of bins that are produced by some modulo the hash of the key
- Adding a new shard redistributes keys over time
  - When a new client adds a shard, it is automatically elected as the migrator
    - If the migrator fails, a new migrator is elected through a race
    - Only a single migration can be active, if more shards are added they are queued
  - The migrator redistributes the keys to the new set of shards
  - The shard is then activated and the keys are deleted from the old shards
  - Before activation, things proceed as if nothing has changed
  - After activation all clients use the new shard distribution
    - ZooKeeper allows us to coordinate this
  - The smooth transition is done by continuously scanning the keyspace for new records
    - After some number of iterations the relevant keyspace is locked and the new shard is activated
    - ZooKeeper coordinates this transition
- All AvroBase methods are implemented transparently to the client
  - The sharding strategy answers questions about keys and ranges for the sharded avrobase