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A web application that facilitates a Magic: The Gathering limited tournament (sealed or draft). Players are randomized, seated, and paired. Match results are recorded, standings may be displayed, etc. Any given user can run (and suspend) multiple tournaments. Requires LDAP for authentication.



  • flask
  • flask-login
  • flask-wtf
  • flask-sqlalchemy
  • sqlalchemy
  • ldap3
  • requests


You'll need to create a file, which specifies details such as which LDAP server to use. A sample configuration file can be found at

Starting the Server

Start the server with By default it will be accessible at localhost:9999. To make the server world-accessible or for other options, see -h.

If you're having trouble configuring your sever, I wrote a blog post explaining how you can get Flask, uWSGI, and Nginx working together.

Bugs and Feature Requests

Feature Requests

  • I feel like most of the functions in should have the @property decorator.

An older, command-line version of the program can be found in the cli/ directory. It has most of the same features, but will not be updated in the future and may have undocumented bugs.

Known Bugs

  • Pairings can result in multiple byes if bottom-ranked players have already played each other.
  • Players can hypothetically achieve multiple byes (if the tournament goes long and they are once again the bottom-ranked player).

Both of these bugs can be mitigated by manually re-pairing players using the "Edit Pairings" function.

Tournament Rules

More information about byes, tiebreakers, etc. can be found in the Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules.

License Information

Written by Gem Newman. Website | GitHub | Twitter

This work is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.

Remember: GitHub is not my CV.


Runs a Magic: The Gathering limited tournament (sealed or draft).



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