A bare-bones cross-platform process dispatcher and manager
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Bare-bones cross-platform process dispatcher and manager.


Create a configuration file, then run with:

python3 tsk.py [config]

where config is the (optional) path to a JSON configuration file, defaulting to ~/.tsk.json.


  • Python 3.6+


Prior to running, you must create a JSON configuration file that specifies the processes to be managed, and optionally the directory in which to place the logs:

  "logs": "~\\.tsk.log",
  "log-archive": 5,
      "name": "DB",
      "cmd": "docker-compose up database",
      "stop": "docker-compose stop database",
      "cwd": "~\\workspace"
      "name": "Azure Storage Emulator",
      "cmd": "\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft SDKs\\Azure\\Storage Emulator\\AzureStorageEmulator.exe\" start -inprocess",
      "stop": "\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft SDKs\\Azure\\Storage Emulator\\AzureStorageEmulator.exe\" stop",
      "timeout": 10

Process Fields

  • name: The name tsk will use to refer to this process
  • cmd: The command that will be issued to start the process
  • stop (optional): The command that will be issued to stop the process
  • cwd (optional): The directory to use as the current working directory for both cmd and stop
  • timeout (optional): The number of seconds to wait after issuing stop before killing the process (defaults to 30 seconds)

Managing Processes

Each process specified in the configuration file is assigned a number. If the process is not running, pressing the associated key will start the process. If the process is already running, pressing the key will stop the process.

Process Status

The status listed for each process is updated when the screen is refreshed. To refresh, simply press any key other than those listed for process management (e.g., spacebar).

Stopping a Process

If the configuration file specifies a specific stop command for the process, attempting to stop the process will result in this command being issued, at which point tsk will wait for the process to stop. An optional timeout for the stop command may be specified (defaulting to 30 seconds).

If no stop command is specified (or if the stop process times out), tsk will force the process to stop by issuing a kill command.


Each process is logged in its own log file in the specified logs directory. If no logs directory is specified in the configuration file, it defaults to ~/.tsk.log/.

When a process is started, any existing log file is placed in a zip archive, and only the last few are kept. The number of past logs to keep is specified by log-archive in the configuration file (defaulting to 5).


Cross-platform getch implementation from this Gist by jfktrey.

License Information

Written by Gem Newman. Website | GitHub | Twitter

This work is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Remember: GitHub is not my CV.