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A web service that allows people to vote on things using a variety of voting methods.

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A web application that allows users to place votes by ranking several options. Once votes are placed, the selection algorithm is highly configurable. Written in Python 3 (using Flask and SQLAlchemy) and JavaScript (using Sortable). Authentication is done via LDAP. Can also send reminders and results via email or Slack messages.



  • flask-login
  • flask-wtf
  • flask-sqlalchemy
  • ldap3
  • requests
  • slacker (for notifications via Slack)
  • Sortable


Installing Sortable

Sortable is used as a Git submodule. To initialize the submodule after cloning the Vote repository run:

git submodule init
git submodule update

You'll also need to create a file, which specifies details such as which method to use to select winning votes (instant runoff, Borda Count, etc.), how many winners to select, how to post notifications of the winners, etc. A sample configuration file can be found at

Importing Ballots from CSV

To create a ballot you can add options via CSV. Simply create a CSV file in the following format:

option name,option category

The category (if any) will be displayed in parentheses next to the option name.

After creating the CSV, import it via Python:

>>> import vote
>>> vote.api.import_options('options.csv')

Starting the Server

Start the server with By default it will be accessible at localhost:9999. To make the server world-accessible or for other options, see -h.

If you're having trouble configuring your sever, I wrote a blog post explaining how you can get Flask, uWSGI, and Nginx working together.

Bugs and Feature Requests

Feature Requests

  • Import/export of ballots/voting preferences (CSV or whatever)
  • Ability to ignore selections from last time, this time

Known Bugs

  • The weighted_sample selection method is disabled due to an issue with numpy(this may be a result of uWSGI doing multiple imports in different vassals? or perhaps simply the way modules are initially loaded...). In any event, it seems unlikely that this incompatibility will be resolved any time soon.

Special Thanks

Vote was based on the earlier Lunch Voter. The weighted_sample selection function was designed by Eric Davies. Curtis Vogt did quite a bit of work on the front end.

License Information

Written by Gem Newman. Website | GitHub | Twitter

This work is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.

This work makes use of Sortable by Lebedev Konstantin for ranking, licensed under the MIT License.

Fork-and-knife icon by Freepik from Flaticon, licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0.

Remember: GitHub is not my CV.


A web service that allows people to vote on things using a variety of voting methods.






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