Generate rich representations for docstrings
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docrepr renders Python docstrings in HTML. It is based on the sphinxify module developed by Tim Dumol for the Sage Notebook and the module developed for ther Spyder IDE.


Video presentation @ SciPy 2015 by Carlos Cordoba:

Towards a Better Documentation System for Scientific Python | SciPy 2015 | Carlos Cordoba


The module renders a dictionary as returned by IPython oinspect module into a full HTML page (with all assets) from an object's docstring, by using the rich_repr function of its sphinxify submodule.

Example of use

import webbrowser

import docrepr                                # Set module options
from docrepr import sphinxify                 # html generator
from IPython.core.oinspect import Inspector   # oinfo generator

import numpy as np

oinfo = Inspector().info(np.sin)
oinfo['name'] = 'sin'
url = sphinxify.rich_repr(oinfo)



This project is distributed under the under the terms of the Modified BSD License