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A plugin for Spyder to run tests and view the results


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Copyright © 2014 Spyder Project Contributors

Screenshot of spyder-unittest plugin showing test results


Spyder-unittest is a plugin that integrates popular unit test frameworks with Spyder, allowing you to run test suites and view the results in the IDE.

The plugin supports the unittest module in the Python standard library as well as the pytest and nose2 testing frameworks. Support for pytest is most complete at the moment.


The unittest plugin is available in the spyder-ide channel in Anaconda and in PyPI, so it can be installed with the following commands:

  • Using Anaconda: conda install -c spyder-ide spyder-unittest
  • Using pip: pip install spyder-unittest

All dependencies will be automatically installed. You have to restart Spyder before you can use the plugin.


The plugin adds an item Run unit tests to the Run menu in Spyder. Click on this to run the unit tests. After you specify the testing framework and the directory under which the tests are stored, the tests are run. The Unit testing window pane (displayed at the top of this file) will pop up with the results. If you are using pytest, you can double-click on a test to view it in the editor.

If you want to run tests in a different directory or switch testing frameworks, click Configure in the Options menu (cogwheel icon), which is located in the upper right corner of the Unit testing pane.


Bug reports, feature requests and other ideas are more than welcome on the issue tracker. Use the Spyder Google Group or our Gitter Chatroom for general discussion.


Development of the plugin is done at . You can install the development version of the plugin by cloning the git repository and running pip install ., possibly with the --editable flag.

The plugin has the following dependencies:

  • spyder (obviously), at least version 4.0
  • lxml
  • the testing framework that you will be using: pytest and/or nose2

In order to run the tests distributed with this plugin, you need nose2, pytest and pytest-qt. If you use Python 2, you also need mock.

You are very welcome to submit code contributions in the form of pull requests to the issue tracker. GitHub is configured to run pull requests automatically against the test suite and against several automatic style checkers using ciocheck. The style checkers can be rather finicky so you may want to install ciocheck locally and run them before submitting the code.


Everyone is welcome to contribute! The document Contributing to Spyder also applies to the unittest plugin.

We are grateful to the entire Spyder community for their support, without which this plugin and the whole of Spyder would be a lot less awesome.

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