A plugin for Spyder to enable Vim keybinds
Latest commit b9adca6 Dec 21, 2016 @pwoosam pwoosam committed on GitHub added command return and _get_line() helper (#19)
* added _get_line() and fixed command dd

Created a _get_line() helper function.
Command dd now goes to first word after cutting a line.
Shortened yy with _get_line() helper.

* added command return

Pressing return goes to the beginning of the first word on the next

* avoid IndexError at end of file




This is a plugin for the python IDE Spyder to enable some vim keybinds.


This plugin is still in development, have a look at the issues to see what is still missing.

Spyder plugin support will be released with version 3.0 (Still in Beta).

If you want to try out this plugin you need to use the latest development version of Spyder (master branch).

Install instructions

See https://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder/wiki/User-plugins, but in short:

pip install git+git://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder.vim.git


When focused on the editor, the Esc keybind gives focus to the vim plugin, corresponding to vim command mode. In this mode it is possible to use some keybinds or commands like in vim.