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;; Tarpit Lisp Blog Scaffolding
;; A static blog generator
;; blog.lisp assumes that the following variables are defined:
;; - *lbs-base*: the site's base/current working directory
;; - *lbs-path*: an emulation of unix's PATH envvar
;; - *lbs-site*: directory where the output files will be stored
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :execute :load-toplevel)
;; Add LBS dependencies
(push (concatenate 'string *lbs-base* "cl-who/") *lbs-path*) ; cl-who
(push (concatenate 'string *lbs-base* "cl-ppcre/") *lbs-path*) ; cl-ppcre
(push (concatenate 'string *lbs-base* "lbs-utils/") *lbs-path*) ; lbs-utils
; Set paths and change dir (SBCL-specific)
(dolist (path *lbs-path*)
(if (not (member path asdf:*central-registry*))
(push path asdf:*central-registry*)))
(sb-posix:chdir *lbs-base*)
(setq *default-pathname-defaults* (pathname *lbs-base*))
; Load libraries
(require 'asdf)
(asdf:load-system :cl-who)
(asdf:load-system :cl-ppcre)
(asdf:load-system :lbs-utils))
; TLBS global variables
(defvar *posts* nil) ; list of post blists
(defvar *pages* nil)
(defvar *tags* nil)
(defvar *busybox-process* nil)
; Load template definitions
(load (concatenate 'string *lbs-base* "templates/default.lisp"))
(load (concatenate 'string *lbs-base* "templates/post.lisp"))
(load (concatenate 'string *lbs-base* "templates/index.lisp"))
(load (concatenate 'string *lbs-base* "templates/archive.lisp"))
(load (concatenate 'string *lbs-base* "templates/rss.lisp"))
;; TLBS functions
;; TODO: Move them to an ASDF project
(defun get-plain-text (path)
(let ((blist (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(with-open-file (stream path)
; First read the header: ignore everything until the first line
; with three dashes
(do ((line (read-line stream) (read-line stream)))
((equal line "---")))
; Now read variables and add them to the blist
(do ((line (read-line stream) (read-line stream)))
((equal line "---"))
(let ((pair (cl-ppcre:split ":\\s*" line :limit 2)))
(if (not (cdr pair))
(format t "Error parsing line: ~a" line)
(setf (gethash (car pair) blist) (cadr pair)))))
; Now all that's left to read is the page body
; Note that we build a new string with the length exactly equal to
; the file's length minus what we have read so far.
(let ((body (make-string (file-length stream))))
(read-sequence body stream)
(setf (gethash "body" blist) (string-trim '(#\Nul) body)))
; Return the new blist
(defun tlbs-make-blist (relative-pathname)
(let* ((in-path (concat-pathnames (pathname *lbs-base*)
(out-path (post-out-extension
(concat-pathnames (pathname *lbs-site*)
(uri (namestring (post-out-extension
(concat-pathnames #p"/" relative-pathname))))
(blist (get-plain-text in-path)))
(setf (gethash "in-path" blist) in-path)
(setf (gethash "out-path" blist) out-path)
(setf (gethash "uri" blist) uri)
(defun tlbs-write-blist (blist)
(with-open-file (out (ensure-directories-exist (gethash "out-path" blist))
:direction :output
:if-exists :supersede)
(write-string (gethash "body" blist) out))
(defun tlbs-process-posts (relative-wildcard)
(format t "Processing posts...~%")
; clean up old posts first...
(setq *posts* nil
*tags* nil)
(let ((postlist (directory
(concatenate 'string *lbs-base* relative-wildcard))))
(assert (not (null postlist)))
(dolist (x postlist)
(let* ((relative-pathname (post-relative-pathname x))
(blist (tlbs-make-blist relative-pathname))
(in-path (gethash "in-path" blist))
(out-path (gethash "out-path" blist)))
;; process tags
(tlbs-make-tagids blist)
(when (file-modified in-path out-path)
(format t "[proc] ~s~%" x)
;; markdown -> html
(pipe-through-pandoc blist)
;; post template
(tlbs-make-post blist)
;; default page template
(tlbs-make-default blist)
;; write to file
(tlbs-write-blist blist)
;; make sure body is erased when done writing
;; XXX: the body might still be needed when generating RSS
(setf (gethash "body" blist) nil))
;; add to post list
(push blist *posts*))))
(defun tlbs-process-page (out-path blist)
(format t "[proc] ~s~%" out-path)
; out path
(setf (gethash "out-path" blist) out-path)
; default page template
(tlbs-make-default blist)
; write to file
(tlbs-write-blist blist)
; erase body
(setf (gethash "body" blist) nil)
; maybe add to page list
; XXX: this should replace the old page with the new one
; XXX: use adjoin
(if (not (member blist *pages*
:test #'(lambda (blist1 blist2)
; XXX: should actually use postid
(string-equal (gethash "title" blist1)
(gethash "title" blist2)))))
(push blist *pages*))
(defun tlbs-process-markdown-page (relative-pathname)
(let ((blist (tlbs-make-blist relative-pathname)))
; markdown -> html
(pipe-through-pandoc blist)
; continue with normal page processing
(tlbs-process-page (gethash "out-path" blist) blist)))
(defun tlbs-process-archive ()
(tlbs-process-page (merge-pathnames
(pathname *lbs-site*)
(make-pathname :name "archive" :type "html"))
(defun tlbs-process-index ()
(tlbs-process-page (merge-pathnames
(pathname *lbs-site*)
(make-pathname :name "index" :type "html"))
(defun tlbs-process-tags ()
(format t "Processing tags...~%")
(dolist (tlist *tags*)
; set out path
(setf (gethash "out-path" tlist)
(concat-pathnames (pathname *lbs-site*)
(gethash "uri" tlist)))
(format t "[proc] ~s~%" (gethash "out-path" tlist))
; generate page body
(tlbs-make-tag tlist)
; apply default page template
(tlbs-make-default tlist)
; write to file
(tlbs-write-blist tlist)
; optionally, set body to nil
(setf (gethash "body" tlist) nil))
(defun tlbs-copy-file (in-path out-path)
(let ((element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(with-open-file (in-stream in-path
:direction :input
:element-type element-type)
(with-open-file (out-stream (ensure-directories-exist out-path)
:direction :output
:element-type element-type
:if-exists :supersede
:if-does-not-exist :create)
(uiop:copy-stream-to-stream in-stream out-stream
:element-type element-type)))))
(defun tlbs-copy-recursively (in-path out-base-dir)
; Check if file is a directory. We assume that pathname-name returns
; NIL in this case.
;(format t "~s~%" (pathname-name (probe-file in-path)))
(if (pathname-name (probe-file in-path))
(let* ((relative-pathname (post-relative-pathname in-path))
(out-path (concat-pathnames out-base-dir
;; XXX This probably not too reliable, would need to keep some
;; hashes...
(when (file-modified in-path out-path)
(format t "[copy] ~s~%" in-path)
(tlbs-copy-file in-path out-path)))
(dolist (new-in-path (directory (concat-pathnames in-path #p"*.*")))
(tlbs-copy-recursively new-in-path out-base-dir))))
(defun tlbs-process-other-files ()
(format t "Processing other files...~%")
(format t "--- css:~%")
(tlbs-copy-recursively (concat-pathnames (pathname *lbs-base*)
(pathname *lbs-site*))
(format t "--- uploads:~%")
(tlbs-copy-recursively (concat-pathnames (pathname *lbs-base*)
(pathname *lbs-site*)))
(defun tlbs-process-rss ()
(let ((blist (tlbs-make-rss)))
; out path
(setf (gethash "out-path" blist)
(concat-pathnames (pathname *lbs-site*)
; late processing message
(format t "[proc] ~s~%" (gethash "out-path" blist))
; write rss
(tlbs-write-blist blist))
(defun tlbs-process-everything ()
; posts: needed for everything, so process them first
(tlbs-process-posts "posts/**/*.markdown")
; tags
; other files
(format t "Processing everything else...~%")
; markdown pages: about, 403, 404, etc.
(dolist (page '(#p"about.markdown" #p"403.markdown" #p"404.markdown"))
(tlbs-process-markdown-page page))
; archive
; index
(defun tlbs-process-postid (idstr)
; we shouldn't need to process all the posts in order to have
; references updated, but we're too lazy to keep track of dependencies
(tlbs-process-posts (concatenate 'string
"posts/**/" idstr "-*.markdown"))
; tags
; other files
(format t "Processing everything else...~%")
; archive
; index
(defun tlbs-deploy-site ()
(uiop:run-program (format nil "rsync -avz -e '~a' ~a/* ~a"
"ssh -p 2200"
:output *standard-output*))
(defun tlbs-run-site (&key kill)
((and (not *busybox-process*) (not kill))
(setq *busybox-process*
(sb-ext:run-program "/bin/busybox"
(list "httpd" "-f"
"-p" "8000"
"-h" *lbs-site*)
:wait nil)))
((and (not *busybox-process*) kill)
(format t "Busybox process does not exist."))
((and *busybox-process* (not kill))
(format t "Busybox process already exists."))
((and *busybox-process* kill)
(sb-ext:process-kill *busybox-process* 2 :pid)
(sb-ext:process-wait *busybox-process*)
(sb-ext:process-close *busybox-process*)
(let ((code (sb-ext:process-exit-code *busybox-process*)))
(setq *busybox-process* nil)