Electronic Design for the Velo Bling-Bling Project
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Electronic Design for the Velo Bling-Bling Project


LED lights for bicycle wheels.
16 multi color LEDs on each side (PCB top- and bottom side).
There are two windows (upper and lower) on each side for display dynamic
information like speed, trip time, trip distance, etc. or static information
like strings and images.

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is free hardware.
The PCB is a multi-layer (4 layer) 160 x 30.5 x 1.6 mm FR4 board.
The firmware for the MK22DX256VLF5 MCU is also on GitHub:

There is also an optional Bluetooth Low Energy (Smart) subsystem on board.
It is a LAIRD BL600-SA module. The Bluetooth application software is on GitHub

It is possible to mount die PCB direct onto the wheel spokes but it is better
to use a mounting frame. This frame can be ordered from http://shapeways.com
or you can print it by yourself on 3D printer.