Build a lambda language from the ground up.
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Lambda Lang Ideas

Implementation Decisions

For every single implementation decision, have a list of all of the possible techniques for solving the problem. For each technique:

  • List all of the pros and cons
  • Have a voting system where users vote for which techniques they want implemented
    • Show the total of the vote weights
    • Sort the techniques from most to least vote weight
    • Each Users' vote weight should grow linearly
      • Based on their contributions at a specific (organic?) rate
      • This is an attempt to keep it right on the line where that the community doesn't become overpowered by the core devs and vice versa.
    • The goal for the voting system is to encourage diversity and discourage fragmentation at the same time - this will be an interesting experiment :)
  • Show a Difficulty to Implement meter
  • Performance pros and cons ranked by votes as well
  • Once a designated test suite is passing, convert the implementation into a namespaced package
  • Have some sort of labeling for `core', `extra', `community', `wild' etc. (sort of like Arch does with packages) indicating how stable the package is
  • Make all of this available for viewing/interacting with on the web


Lambda Lang itself should be exceedingly minimalistic - any time the user adds code that requires more functionality, download that functionality via the package manager

  • For example array functionality
  • If the user prefers a specific package, specify that at the level of scope relevant - see the Scoping section
  • Include a utility which prints the code listing which package is being used at each instance in a verbose way


In lieu of a global and a local namespace (in an attempt to avoid dynamic scope, or to change it at least) let's try out scope sharing

  • Labels?
  • Simpler is better
  • (load)?
    • When code is loaded from somewhere within the ast, children from there are suddenly in scope of what was loaded

The Three Delimiter Characters

  • Inner separator pipe |
  • Outer separators (call it unicorn delimiters?) e.g. `stuff~
    • Tic to start tilde to close
  • Backslash to cancel \

Versions and upgrading

  • When enormous implementation decisions change, run the upgrade utility on your code
    • Walk through step by step as it makes recommendations for upgrading your code
    • Alternatively, run the utility on auto first to see if everything upgrades seamlessly and all of your tests pass (You do have tests, right?)


All packages are required to have a koans style walkthrough (with answers separately) demonstrating how to use the package. This will encourage programmers to implement best practices off the bat. Ideally pitfalls will be included as well.

This will be available on the web.

The learning utility will be a tree or list or something ordered by most to least frequently used packages.


Speed Optimization

  • Detect when a function's return statement is not used and disregard it entirely