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Project: Simple project for JSIL
Description: Minimal JSIL project, configured to run out-of-box (out-of-git?). Each non-obvious line
of C#/HTML/JavaScript code is described, however, how/why it works is discovered
by trail-and-error approach, no guarantees on correctness.
To use it in Your application, simply compile solution, copy entire folder and add Your own content.
Feel free to remove this file once You did it.
License: Enjoy without any limitations.
Author: Maciej "Expro" Grabowski
E-mail: |
".\Compiler\" - place for JSIL compiler.
".\Build\" - compiled content of your application.
".\Build\index.html" - web page responsible for execution of Your application.
".\Build\Scripts\" - place for compiled assemblies (scripts) of your application,
filed automatically by post-build event.
".\Build\Libraries\" - place for JSIL and JavaScript libraries.
".\Build\Files\" - place for file assets.
".\Build\Content\" - place for XNA content assets.
1. Compile JSIL solution ("Release" build recommended for speed).
2. Create new, empty solution for your application, copy and add "SimpleProject" into it.
3. Create symbolic links for ".\Compiler\" (pointing to directory with JSILc.exe), and for ".\Build\Libraries\"
(pointing to JSIL "Libraries" directory). Alternatively, copy compiler and libraries manually - however,
You will need to keep them in sync on Your own.
4. Fill solution with content.
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