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MagicMirror Module to display alertR sensors on the mirror.


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Magic Mirror Module alertR Sensors

This module for the MagicMirror shows the state of the sensors of the alertR monitoring and alarm system.


(The module on the top right of the mirror)


  1. This module needs the alertR Manager Client Database to communicate with the alertR system. Please follow this tutorial to install and configure it.

  2. This module needs the npm mysql module installed:

npm install mysql
  1. Execute the following commands to install the module:
cd ~/MagicMirror/modules # navigate to module directory of your magic mirror
git clone # clone this module
  1. Add the following into the modules section of your config/config.js file:
        module: 'MMM-alertRsensors',
        position: 'top_right', // This can be any of the regions
        config: {
            // See 'Configuration options' for more information

Configuration options

The following properties can be configured:

Option Description
host The host the MySQL server is running on.

Example: 'localhost'
user The user to connect to the MySQL server.

Example: 'root'
password The password to connect to the MySQL server.
database The database used by the MySQL server.

Example: 'mm_alertr'
sensors A list of sensors that should be displayed by the mirror.
username Username of the alertR client that provides this sensor. This username is used by the alertR client to connect to the alertR server.

Example: 'weather_sensor_user'
client_sensor_id The id that is given by the alertR client to this sensor. This id is used to identify the exact sensor that should be displayed. Note, this is the id given by the client and not the unique id given by the server.

Example: 0
show_data If the sensor holds data like a temperature, this sets if the data is shown or just the state of the sensor.

Example: true
unit If the sensor holds data, this gives the unit of the sensor that should be displayed.

Example: "°C"
relabel This module displays the description of the alertR sensor. But if this description is too cryptic to be shown on a mirror in your living space, you can relabel it with this option. If you do not want to relabel it, just set an empty string.

Example: "Temperature"
Example: ""

An example configuration could look like this:

        module: 'MMM-alertRsensors',
        position: 'top_right', // This can be any of the regions
        config: {
                host: 'localhost',
                user: 'root',
                password: 'mysqlpassword',
                database: 'mm_alertr',

                sensors: [
                        // Temperature
                        {username: "weather_sensor_user",
                        client_sensor_id: 0,
                        show_data: true,
                        unit: "°C",
                        relabel: "Temperature"},

                        // Front Door
                        {username: "livingroom_sensor_user",
                        client_sensor_id: 0,
                        show_data: false,
                        unit: "",
                        relabel: "Front Door"},


If you like this project you can help to support it by contributing to it. You can contribute by writing tutorials, creating and documenting exciting new ideas to use it, writing code for it, and so on.

If you do not know how to do any of it or do not have the time, you can support me on Patreon.



MagicMirror Module to display alertR sensors on the mirror.







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