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Update badgy.ino

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sqfmi committed Jan 11, 2020
1 parent 0b7b9b2 commit 52c196ea3b4b98f3ce86d174850a21d71bb5b02e
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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
#include <GxEPD.h>
//Use the GxGDEW029T5 class if you have Badgy Rev 2C. Make sure you are on GxEPD 3.05 or above
//#include <GxGDEW029T5/GxGDEW029T5.h>
#include <GxGDEH029A1/GxGDEH029A1.cpp>
#include <GxGDEW029T5/GxGDEW029T5.h>
//#include <GxGDEH029A1/GxGDEH029A1.cpp>
#include <GxIO/GxIO_SPI/GxIO_SPI.cpp>
#include <GxIO/GxIO.cpp>
#include <Fonts/FreeMonoBold9pt7b.h> //include any other fonts you want to use

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