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JPRuskin Update Examples to work with GxEPD 3.0+
This commit updates the example code to work with the latest version of GxEPD.

As shown in the [commit](ZinggJM/GxEPD@e286926), the GxGDEH029A1 files were not changed but the method for referencing / including them was.

It also adds the undocumented library requirements on the example readme.md for Weather (Time) and WebSocketDraw (WebSockets).
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hello.ino Update Examples to work with GxEPD 3.0+ Oct 15, 2018


Hello Name Badge

This code sample demonstrates displaying a "Hello my name is" badge on Badgy. The background image and is converted to a byte array from a PNG file and is stored in hello.h. The name is stored in a char array const char* name = "badgy" which can be changed to any text. It may be required to tweak the cursor location and font size in showHello() to perfectly position the text.

Power saving features are not enabled in this code sample and Badgy stays fully on. To conserve power, simply turn off Badgy as the e-paper display does not require power to maintain the displayed image.


  • Download code sample & required libraries, and compile/upload in the Arduino IDE (1.8.5) or
  • Download the pre-compiled binary hello.bin and upload using OTA