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Watchy - Fully Open Source E-Paper Watch


Buy Watchy from The Pi Hut, Crowd Supply, and Mouser!

Watchy Case & Accessories

Visit for documentation, hardware design files, and more!


  1. In the Arduino IDE Boards Manager, install support for the ESP32.
    • Arduino > Preferences > Additional Board Manager URLs
  2. Install this library (search for Watchy in the library manager), and any other dependencies when prompted
  3. Check out the examples under Examples -> Watchy
  4. Compile & Upload with these board settings:
    • Board: "Watchy"
    • Partition Scheme: "Huge App"
    • Board Revision: Choose your Watchy version
    • All Other Settings: leave to default

You may also have to install the CP2104 USB to Serial drivers if the port is not automatically detected.

Have Fun! :)

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