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Sqitch Docker Packaging

docker pull sqitch/sqitch
curl -L -o sqitch && chmod +x sqitch
./sqitch help

This project is the source for creating the official Sqitch Project Docker Image. It's built on stable Debian slim in an effort to keep the image as small as possible while supporting all known engines. It includes support for managing PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB (MySQL), and Firebird databases, and other images may be built to support for the other database engines that Sqitch supports.


  • The shell script is the easiest way to run Sqitch from a Docker image. The script mounts the current directory and the home directory, so that it acts on the Sqitch project in the current directory and reads configuration from the home directory almost as if it was running natively on the local host. It also copies over most of the environment variables that Sqitch cares about, for transparent configuration.
  • Custom images for Oracle, Snowflake, Exasol, or Vertica can be built by downloading the appropriate binary files and using the Dockerfiles in the appropriately-named subdirectories of this repository.
  • In an effort to keep things as simple as possible, the only editor included and configured for use in the image is nano. This is a very simple, tiny text editor suitable for editing change descriptions and the like. Its interface always provides menus to make it easy to figure out how to use it. If you need another editor, this image isn't for you, but you can create one based on this image and add whatever editors you like.