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Sqitch Oracle Docker Image

  1. Download the basiclite (or basic), SQL*Plus, and SDK [Instant Client] Zip files for x64 Linux. The names should match these patterns:

    • instantclient-basic*-linux.x64-*.zip
    • instantclient-sqlplus-linux.x64-*.zip
    • instantclient-sdk-linux.x64-*.zip
  2. Build an image named sqitch-oracle with this command

     docker build -t sqitch-oracle .
  3. Set up a [tnsnames.ora file] in your home directory. For example, ~./sqlplus/tnsnames.ora.

  4. Set the $TNS_ADMIN environment variable to the directory of the tnsnames.ora file, replacing the path to your home directory with /home. For example, if the file is ~./sqlplus/tnsnames.ora, run Sqitch like so:

    SQITCH_IMAGE=sqitch-oracle TNS_ADMIN=/home/.sqlplus ../docker-sqitch.sh status

    The docker-sqitch.sh wrapper mounts your home directory on the host machine to /home in the container, letting it find tnsnames.ora and Sqitch configuration files.

[Instant Client] https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/linuxx86-64soft-092277.html [tnsnames.ora file]: https://orafaq.com/wiki/Tnsnames.ora