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This project contains the content and tools to build the web site. It relies on Hugo for building the site and a short Perl script to build the documentation pages from the Pod files in the Sqitch repository.


Use the included Makefile or Hugo to manage the site. The supported commands are:


make build

Builds the site by taking the following steps:

  • Builds the Sqitch documentation Markdown pages (see make manual below)
  • Updates the public subdirectory, which is a submodule pointing to the published site repository
  • Removes all the files from the public subdirectory
  • Runs hugo to build the site in the public subdirectory

make manual

Builds the Sqitch manual content pages from the Pod files in the Sqitch repository by taking the following steps:

  • Updates the sqitch subdirectory, which is a submodule pointing to the Sqitch repository's main branch, on the assumption that it represents the current stable release
  • Removes the files matching content/docs/manual/sqitch*
  • Runs gen_manual, a Perl script that searches for all the Sqitch documentation Pod files matching /^sqitch/, runs each through [Pod::Markdown], and writes the resulting file to content/docs/manual.

Note that Git ignores files matching content/docs/manual/sqitch*, so the generated documentation pages should never be committed to the repository.

make deploy

Builds the site and publishes it by taking the following steps:

  • Builds the site (see make build above) in the public submodule subdirectory
  • Commits the updated site and pushes it to the published site repository

Following a deploy, should be updated within a few minutes.

make server

Builds the manual (see make manual above) and then runs a test server serving the site for testing at http://localhost:1313/. The site is dynamically generated, not written to disk, and the server watches for changes to files and triggers browser reloads when they do, making it ideal for experimenting with CSS and templating changes.

This server is provided by Hugo and binds to all available network addresses, so that you can connect from other devices if you know the IP address of the host. Useful for browser and device compatibility testing.

make favicon

Uses ImageMagick to build a Favicon file containing set of 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48 images in ICO format from static/img/icon-48.png, which should be generated from the Sqitch Sketch file. Likely only to be needed if the image files get regenerated.

hugo new

Use the hugo new command to create new content pages. For example, to add a new top-level page for news to be served from /news, run:

hugo new content/

Or to create a directory:

hugo new content/news/

If you need to create a section that other pages will be added to:

hugo new content/news/

Refer to the Hugo docs for all the details.


David E. Wheeler created this project and designed the [] web site. The project is maintained by the Sqitchers.