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@theory theory released this Jun 4, 2019 · 9 commits to develop since this release

Changes since v0.9999

  • Fixed test failure due to a hard-coded system error that may be localized on non-en-US hosts. Thanks to Slaven Rezić for the catch (#427).
  • Now require Test::MockModule 0.17 to silence a warning during testing. Thanks to Slaven Rezić for the suggestion.
  • Fixed an error when Sqitch is run with no arguments. Thanks to Henrik Tudborg for the report (#428).
  • Fixed missing dependency on IO::Pager in the distribution metadata.
  • Removed use of File::HomeDir, thanks to a PR from Karen Etheridge (#433).
  • Updated the tagline from "Sane database change management" to "Sensible database change management" out of sensitivity to those subject to mental illness (#435).
  • Removed double-quoting of SQLite commands on Windows, inadvertently added by the workaround for Windows quoting in v0.9999.
  • Fixed a Snowflake issue where Sqitch failed to recognize the proper error code for a missing table and therefore an uninitialized registry. Thanks to @lerouxt and @kulmam92 for the report and fix (#439).
  • Added check for project initialization when no engine config can be found. When run from a directory with no configuration, Sqitch now reports that the project is not initialized instead of complaining about a lack of engine config (#437).
  • Documented Snowflake key pair authentication in sqitch-authentication, as well as $SNOWSQL_PRIVATE_KEY_PASSPHRASE in sqitch-environment. Thanks to Casey Largent for figuring it out (#441).
  • Added the German localization. Thanks to Thomas Iguchi for the pull request (#451).
  • Renamed the French localization from "fr" to "fr_FR", so that systems will actually find it.
  • Added the ask_yes_no() method as a replacement for ask_y_n(), which is now deprecated. The new method expects localized responses from the user when translations are provided. Defaults to the English "yes" and "no" when no translation is available. Suggested by German translator Thomas Iguchi (#449).
  • Fixed a bug where only project without a URI was allowed in the registry. Thanks to Conding-Brunna for the report (#450).
  • Clarified the role of project URIs for uniqueness: They don't allow multiple projects with the same name, but do prevent the deployment of a project with the same name but different URI.
  • Fixed an issue where target variables could not be found when a target name was not lowercase. Thanks to @maximejanssens for the report (#454).
  • Now require Config::GitLike 1.15 or higher.
  • Fixed the indentation of variables emitted by the show actions of the target and engine commands, fixing a "Negative repeat count does nothing" warning in the process. Thanks to @maximejanssens for the
    report (#454).
  • Fixed a Snowflake test failure when the current system username has a space or other character requiring URI escaping. Thanks to Ralph Andrade for the report (#463).
  • Fixed an issue where a wayward newline in some versions of SQLite prevented Sqitch from parsing the version. Thanks to Kivanc Yazan for the report (#465) and the fix (#465)!
  • Fixed an error when Sqitch was run on a system without a valid username, such as some Docker environments. Thanks to Ferdinand Salis for the report (#459)!
  • When Sqitch finds the registry does not exist on PostgreSQL, it now sends a warning to the PostgreSQL log reporting that it will initialize the database. This is to reduce confusion for folks watching the PostgreSQL error log while Sqitch runs (#314).
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