DB-management framework for Developers, DBA and DevOps Engineers
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Database as a Code_

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SQL-driven* DB-management framework for Developers, DBA and DevOps (*actually, not only SQL)

  • Evolutionary
  • Transparent (DB independent - native old SQL/*QL/JDBC/REST)
  • Polyglot


  • Create and manage your DB source code (DDL, DML, etc)
  • Get DB metrics
  • Database reverse engineering
  • Share expert knowledge
  • Multiplatform (REST/Java based)




sql-boot uses the OpenAPI standard to generate up-to-date documentation for APIs based your SQL-queries metadata. You can use a tool like Swagger-UI or Swagger-Editor to render interactive documentation (for demo requests) or generate client API against the live API server.

How to pronounce

It is pronounced "sequelboot" - https://translate.google.com/?source=osdd#en/en/sequelboot

Try online (on Heroku):

  • table/hr - get all table from "hr" schema
  • table/hr.jobs - get table "hr.jobs"
  • table/hr.users/ - get table "hr.users" with child objects (pk, fk, indexes etc)
  • index/hr.users - get all indexes for table "hr.users"
  • index/hr - get all indexes from "hr" schema
  • index/hr.p* - get all indexes from "hr" schema and starting with "p"
  • pk/hr - get all pk from "hr" schema
  • fk/* - get all fk from all db schemas

Try with Docker and embedded (H2) demo db:

docker run -t -p 8007:8007 mgramin/sql-boot

Build from source:

git clone https://github.com/mgramin/sql-boot
cd sql-boot
mvn package

Base configurations:

Build Status https://github.com/sql-boot/sql-boot-conf

Build Status https://github.com/sql-boot/sql-boot-postgresql

Build Status https://github.com/sql-boot/sql-boot-oracle

Build Status https://github.com/sql-boot/sql-boot-cassandra

Build Status https://github.com/sql-boot/sql-boot-postgres_dba