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# Release 0.1.0

## Major Features and Improvements
- This is the first release of ElasticDL. It supports TensorFlow 2.0.
- Includes a master-worker architecture, where the master controls task generation and entire job progress. Workers communicate with the master to get the tasks to execute and report execution results.
- Supports different job types: training-only, training-with-evaluation, evaluation-only and prediction-only.
- Provides high-level APIs and CLI for training, evaluation and prediction.
- Supports running in environments, including MiniKube, GCP, and on-prem clusters.
- Adds experimental integration with SQLFlow for ODPS data source.
@@ -7,8 +7,12 @@
description="A Kubernetes-native Deep Learning Framework",
long_description="ElasticDL is a Kubernetes-native deep learning framework"
" built on top of TensorFlow 2.0 that supports"
" fault-tolerance and elastic scheduling.",
author="Ant Financial",
package_data={"": ["proto/elasticdl.proto", "docker/*", "Makefile"]},

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