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Crash in Alembic comparator for a custom TypeDecorator column when default impl differs from a specific #395

sqlalchemy-bot opened this issue Nov 8, 2016 · 7 comments


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Migrated issue, originally created by frol (@frol)

Having a custom column type, e.g.:

class PasswordType(types.TypeDecorator, ScalarCoercible):
    def load_dialect_impl(self, dialect):
        if == 'sqlite':
            # Use a NUMERIC type for sqlite
            impl = sqlite.NUMERIC(self.length)
            # Use a VARBINARY for all other dialects.
            impl = types.VARBINARY(self.length)
        return dialect.type_descriptor(impl)

Alembic crashes when tries to compare the existing (the first migration is fine) column with the custom type:

  File ".../lib/python3.5/site-packages/alembic/autogenerate/", line 77, in _autogen_for_tables
    inspector, metadata, upgrade_ops, autogen_context)
  File ".../lib/python3.5/site-packages/alembic/autogenerate/", line 177, in _compare_tables
    modify_table_ops, autogen_context, inspector):
  File ".../lib/python3.5/", line 59, in __enter__
    return next(self.gen)
  File ".../lib/python3.5/site-packages/alembic/autogenerate/", line 256, in _compare_columns
    schema, tname, colname, conn_col, metadata_col
  File ".../lib/python3.5/site-packages/alembic/util/", line 314, in go
    fn(*arg, **kw)
  File ".../lib/python3.5/site-packages/alembic/autogenerate/", line 624, in _compare_type
    conn_col, metadata_col)
  File ".../lib/python3.5/site-packages/alembic/runtime/", line 391, in _compare_type
  File ".../lib/python3.5/site-packages/alembic/ddl/", line 261, in compare_type
    return comparator and comparator(metadata_type, conn_type)
  File ".../lib/python3.5/site-packages/alembic/ddl/", line 335, in _numeric_compare
    t1.precision is not None and
  File ".../lib/python3.5/site-packages/sqlalchemy/sql/", line 913, in __getattr__
    return getattr(self.impl, key)
AttributeError: 'VARBINARY' object has no attribute 'precision'

I have attempted to fix this in PR:

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Changes by frol (@frol):

  • added labels: easy

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Michael Bayer (@zzzeek) wrote:

OK, I'm still not able to reproduce this condition. Note that Alembic is not related to the sqlalchemy-utils project so the ultimate test case cannot rely upon a symbol such as "ScalarCoercible". It does not make sense that "metadata_impl" in this case is a VARBINARY type, that's not how load_dialect_impl() works - load_dialect_impl() provides another PasswordType that has as its impl, the thing you returned from load_dialect_impl():

from sqlalchemy import types

class MyType(types.TypeDecorator):
    impl = types.String

    def load_dialect_impl(self, dialect):
        return types.Integer()

    def copy(self, **kw):
        return MyType()

from sqlalchemy.dialects import sqlite

dialect = sqlite.dialect()

metadata_type = MyType()

metadata_impl = metadata_type.dialect_impl(dialect)

print repr(metadata_impl)
print repr(metadata_impl.impl)


$ python 

So I'm not seeing how VARBINARY is leaking into there.

Here's my test, I'm trying to get the line in question to trigger and I cannot:

diff --git a/tests/ b/tests/
index 04c9e96..3193ba1 100644
--- a/tests/
+++ b/tests/
@@ -592,6 +592,28 @@ class CompareTypeSpecificityTest(TestBase):
         return impl.DefaultImpl(
             default.DefaultDialect(), None, False, True, None, {})
+    def test_typedec_to_nonstandard(self):
+        from sqlalchemy import types
+        from sqlalchemy.dialects import sqlite
+        #class PasswordType(types.TypeDecorator, types.String): # works
+        class PasswordType(types.TypeDecorator, types.VARBINARY): # works
+            impl = types.VARBINARY # works
+            def load_dialect_impl(self, dialect):
+                if == 'default':
+                    # Use a NUMERIC type for sqlite
+                    impl = sqlite.NUMERIC(self.length)
+                else:
+                    # Use a VARBINARY for all other dialects.
+                    impl = types.VARBINARY(self.length)
+                return dialect.type_descriptor(impl)
+        impl = self._fixture()
+        impl.compare_type(
+            Column('x', types.VARBINARY(50)),  # works
+            Column('x', PasswordType(50)))  # works
     def test_string(self):
         t1 = String(30)
         t2 = String(40)

to run this test after applying the patch, run py.test tests/ -k test_typedec_to_nonstandard. So far this is looking like something is off in sqlalchemy-utils ScalarCoercible class. You might want to get Konsta involved here.

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Michael Bayer (@zzzeek) wrote:

also, there's no reason metadata_impl would be needed inside the proposed comparison because the dialect-specific impl is always a simple subclass of the base type, and the built-in comparators here are only comparing very basic attributes. For more elaborate comparison needs the "compare_against_backend" hook would be used.

If there is a bug here, it may very well be in TypeDecorator somehow.

anyway hoping this illustrates why I don't accept one-line PRs...

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frol (@frol) wrote:

Please, try to use the following in your test:

+        impl.compare_type(
+            Column('x', types.NUMERIC(50)),
+            Column('x', PasswordType(50)))

The change I made is:

-            Column('x', types.VARBINARY(50)), # works
+            Column('x', types.NUMERIC(50)),

I get the crash when I run such test.

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Michael Bayer (@zzzeek) wrote:

Compare to metadata_impl in compare_type() to guard against custom TypeDecorator

Fixed bug where usage of a custom TypeDecorator which returns a
per-dialect type via :meth:.TypeDecorator.load_dialect_impl that differs
significantly from the default "impl" for the type decorator would fail
to compare correctly during autogenerate.

Change-Id: I384df35be9513bf8a2ae55e7daa9a52c23108a49
Fixes: #395


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Changes by Michael Bayer (@zzzeek):

  • changed status to closed

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frol (@frol) wrote:

Thank you!

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