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=====0.2.0 -- 2010/12/02
- Added support for Rails 3.0.3
- Added support for Arel 2
- Removed test instructions for ActiveRecord 2.2.2
- Updated license to 2010
=====0.1.3 -- 2010/02/01
- Added :encoding option to connection string
- Fixed bug associated with dangling connections in development mode (
=====0.1.2 -- 2008/12/30
- Fixed bug in ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::SQLAnywhereAdapter#table_structure SQL (Paul Smith)
- Added options for :commlinks and :connection_name to database.yml configuration (Paul Smith)
- Fixed ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::SQLAnywhereColumn.string_to_binary and binary_to_string (Paul Smith)
- Added :time as a native datatype (Paul Smith)
- Override SQLAnywhereAdapter#active? to prevent stale connections (Paul Smith)
- 'Fixed' coding style to match Rails standards (Paul Smith)
- Added temporary option for timestamp_format
- Fixed bug to let migrations drop columns with indexes
- Formatted code
- Fixed bug to raise proper exceptions when a query with a bad column in executed
=====0.1.1 -- 2008/11/06
- Changed file permissions on archives
- Changed archives to be specific to platform (.zip on windows, .tar.gz
- Removed the default rake task
=====0.1.0 -- 2008/10/15
- Initial Release
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