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Jeez, read the tests Rob #620

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SQLDBAWithABeard committed May 31, 2019
1 parent 9e68400 commit aacac631f03398f25e0fdf4b92fcd75a61fa2d50
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 tests/checks/InstanceChecks.Tests.ps1
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ Describe "Checking Instance.Tests.ps1 checks" -Tag UnitTest {
# Mock to fail
Mock Test-DbaMaxDop {@{"CurrentInstanceMaxDop" = 4; "RecommendedMaxDop" = 73}}
{Assert-InstanceMaxDop -Instance 'Dummy' -MaxDopValue $MaxDopValue} | Should -Throw -ExpectedMessage "Expected $MaxDopValue, because We expect the MaxDop Setting 4 to be $MaxDopValue"
{Assert-InstanceMaxDop -Instance 'Dummy' -MaxDopValue $MaxDopValue} | Should -Throw -ExpectedMessage "Expected $MaxDopValue, because We expect the MaxDop Setting to be $MaxDopValue"
# Validate we have called the mock the correct number of times
It "Should call the mocks" {

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