Set-DbaDatabaseCollation #635

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Is this a feature OR bug:

It would be useful to have Set-DbaDatabaseCollation to set the db Collation for all DB's on the instance

System Details

  • Operating system name and version:
  • Output from $PSVersionTable:
Evaluate $PSVersionTable in PowerShell and paste the output here
  • Output of dbatools version:
Evaluate (Get-Module dbatools -ListAvailable).Version and paste output here
  • SQL Server version for source/target

Steps to Reproduce

Action Results

Expected Results

Attached Logs or any exception errors

  • Use of Start-Transcript can help collection of console output and exceptions
  • Certain commands will generate an exception log that you can find in following directory: dir $env:USERPROFILE\Documents\dbatools-exceptions.txt
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