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Fix debug and Path is null issues #5183

merged 4 commits into from Mar 11, 2019


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potatoqualitee commented Mar 11, 2019

note that debug now works by default, so imports for developers will be a bit slower.

i also fixed the path not found issue - fixes #4965

potatoqualitee added some commits Mar 10, 2019

@potatoqualitee potatoqualitee merged commit 992c798 into development Mar 11, 2019

2 checks passed

continuous-integration/appveyor/branch AppVeyor build succeeded
continuous-integration/appveyor/pr AppVeyor build succeeded

@potatoqualitee potatoqualitee deleted the fixdebug branch Mar 11, 2019

sphallsphall added a commit to sphallsphall/dbatools that referenced this pull request Mar 11, 2019

Sync from upstream (#1)
* Fix Select-DbaBackupInformation

$_.LastLSN.ToString() -ge $LogBaseLsn
$_.LastLSN.ToString() is STRING, but $LogBaseLsn is BIGINT. Powershell converts [BIGINT]$LogBaseLsn to string and after that compare these variables as strings.

* Fix masking (sqlcollaborative#4942)

* Added money type

* Added txt data type

* added min and maxvalue to money type

* otsb

* Small fixes Import-DbaXESessionTemplate (sqlcollaborative#4917)

* Update Import-DbaXESessionTemplate.ps1

* Update Import-DbaXESessionTemplate.ps1

* 0.9.740

* ApplicationIntent fixes

* 0.9.741

* Update ConvertTo-DbaTimeline.ps1 (sqlcollaborative#4952)

Updated example 3; Send-MailMessage only accepts string for -Body

* 0.9.742

* Figure out the new name before doing the checks.

Otherwise we may check to see if "sourceInstance default profile" exists on the destination then trying to create "destinationInstance default profile" which already exists.

* Update Install-DbaMaintenanceSolution.ps1

Fixed path for output directory in Install-DbaMaintenanceSolution sqlcollaborative#4950

* Fixed "Succesful" typo (sqlcollaborative#4960)

Addresses Status property spelling error for Successful status.

* Adjust unit test (sqlcollaborative#4961)

Adjusting the unit test for `tests/Get-DbaTraceFlag.Tests.ps1`

* add example

* new improved unit tests

* removed link for now :(

* update variable names and fix example

* Do the same replacement check for accounts.

* update to new format

* Update replace of SQL commands to just update the @account_name and @profile_name fields

Also put single quotes around the account and profile name in messages for readability.

* command updates

* Update to contributing and readme files (sqlcollaborative#4976)

* adjusting content on contributing guide

* adjusting readme content

* Changed names of jobs and schedules. Fixes sqlcollaborative#4972 (sqlcollaborative#4973)

* Changed names of jobs and schedules. Fixes sqlcollaborative#4972

* Added back the source server name in the default copy and restore job

* Unit test updates round 2 (sqlcollaborative#4977)

Unit Test Updates, now uniform and simplified

* Add missing unit tests (sqlcollaborative#4979)

* add missing unit tests

* fix encoding

* support hostnames ending with - (sqlcollaborative#4978)

* 0.9.743

* tests every function has a tests file, and our standard unit tets

* typo

* adjusting example to use splatting

* Updating editor settings for VS Code

Added additional settings that I found turned off by default in VS Code now. Also added comments so folks can see a bit more info on why we set what.

* 0.9.744

* Update Invoke-ManagedComputerCommand.ps1

User must pass permissions

* Fix lower case / upper case

Also fix this line
$sql = $sql.Replace($db.Name, "<TARGETDB>")
This is wrong because of tempdb on the first line will be replaced.

* fixing output mismatch for continue

* removing comments

* 0.9.745

* Get-DbaProductKey: Get-DbaRegistryRoot add -Credential $Credential

* 0.9.747

* typo fixes: efficient -> inefficient. accomodating -> accommodating

In the CBH context of table parameter.

* fixes sqlcollaborative#4999 fixes sqlcollaborative#4998

* Sqlupdate 2016 sp2 cu5 (sqlcollaborative#5006)

* Sqlupdate 2016 sp2 cu5

* Sqlupdate 2016 sp2 cu5

* Sqlupdate 2016 sp2 cu5

* 0.9.748

* buildref, keep in sync (sqlcollaborative#5007)

* removing LSN check from backup

* 0.9.749

* Add type switch to gbh call to improve chances of gettign the right backup back

* resuse server connection for get-dbadefaultpath

* fixed bad db killing the bunch

* removing allowcontinue

* fixing up parameter count test

* 0.9.750

* proposed changes

* update docs

* Changes to Export-DbaScript to resolve Issue 2914

* fix caps

* fixed sqlcollaborative#4847

* fixed sqlcollaborative#5013

* First attempt at catching up on changelog

* Fix data masking on 724

* Fix failsafe on 725

* Fix remainder of off-by-one errors in release numbers

* support -Database properly fixes sqlcollaborative#5015

* Changelog caught up through end of 2018

* Changelog caught up to 0.9.750

* Changelog caught up to 0.9.750

* typo fix in sync-dbaavailabilitygroup (sqlcollaborative#5027)

Typos fixed in `Sync-DbaAvailabilityGroup`

* 0.9.751

* Update Backup-DbaDatabase AzureBaseUrl parameter help

Changed a reference from NoCopyOnly to Copy to cleanup help and documentation

* Get-DbaDbccMemoryStatus - remove dependency on objects and use standard constructs (sqlcollaborative#5031)

* Remove dependancy on system.Data objects

* Fix case of variable

* Modify to use the  .query custom method

* Fixed math (sqlcollaborative#5040)

* Fix Set-DbaAgentJobStep  (sqlcollaborative#5030)

* Added option to add job step if it doesn't exist

* Added try/catch block for new job step
Moved job step settings

* Changed param type
Fixed if statement

* Removed comment in param

* Added else statements to alter the job step

* Fixed job check
Added filter for job and job step
Fixed check for job
Fixed check for Database and DatabaseUsername

* Changed if statements to better check for the variables

* Added subsystem server. Fixes sqlcollaborative#4715

* Formatted it to be the dbatools way

* Added check if Server value is set

* Reformatted the code

* Removed aliases

* Added parameter to unit test

* Added inputobject parameter

* Added help

* 0.9.752

* Update New-DbaAgentJobCategory.ps1 (sqlcollaborative#5042)

changed $instance to $server to fix authentication issue

* fixes piping issue (sqlcollaborative#5041)

* Update settings.json (sqlcollaborative#5054)

*  Added check if database from $Database array is accessible or not before getting roles membership (sqlcollaborative#5046)

* Added check if database from $Database array is accessible or not before getting roles membership

* add messaging in verbose mode

* Invoke-DbatoolsFormatter

* add LoginType to returned [PSCustomObject]$user

* Revert "add LoginType to returned [PSCustomObject]$user"

This reverts commit 9286f97.

revert last commit

* Update Get-DbaDbRoleMember.ps1

got rid of try/catch
add Logintype to output

* Added Stop-Function calls to fix sqlcollaborative#5050 (sqlcollaborative#5052)

* Added Stop-Function calls to fix sqlcollaborative#5050

* Simplified catch block to auto pass $EnableException to Stop-Function

* Pass -Force through to Set-DbaDbState (sqlcollaborative#5057)

* Fixes for Update-DbaInstance: parallelism, exceptions (sqlcollaborative#5053)

* Changing error handling in internal functions + minor fixes

* Removing $EnableException param

* 0.9.753

* 0.9.751 Changes

* 0.9.752 changes

* 0.9.753 changes

* Correct EOL date for 2014 SP2

* 0.9.754

* deprecating AllowContinue

* fixing tests after putting param back in

* buildref, bump date

* Initial commit of New-DbaDbMailProfile, need to add integration tests

* Add project support for VSCode plugin `markdownlint`. List of rules at
https: //

Various fixes pointed out by markdownlint

* fixing type in tests

* doubling up on param names fixed

* updating Invoke-DbaDbUpgrade for sqlcollaborative#5047

this fixes sqlcollaborative#5047 by checking if each object is in the array instead of containing the array. Also applied to the ExcludeDatabase option

* 0.9.755

* test for existence first

* Get-DecryptedObject - Lowercase sys.credentials

* Copy-DbaLinkedServer - check ProductName

* Update Get-DecryptedObject.ps1

* 0.9.757

* New function to support multithreading

* Tests for advanced update function

* Removing lab computer names

* fixes issue sqlcollaborative#5090 and adds test coverage for it

* fix for test

* 0.9.770

* Clarified comments on sequenceNumber

* Fix naming conventions

* Removed unused integration tests. Added test for $priority.

* Fix wrong variable names in tests

* Add new login support for Azure SQL Dbs

Fixes sqlcollaborative#5100

* Correct formatting

* Changelog catchup (sqlcollaborative#5098)

* Catch up to 0.9.755

* 757

* Caught up to 0.9.770

* change bom

* added account, removed tests for properties that do not exist

* 0.9.771

adding current commands and prepping for future command

* buildref, added cu2 for 2014sp3 and cu16 for 2014sp2 (sqlcollaborative#5107)

* Changelog for 0.9.771 (sqlcollaborative#5105)

* Fixed self-building process (sqlcollaborative#5111)

* Fixed self-building process

* fixed indents

* Add handler for AllUserDatabases to resolve Issue 5108 (sqlcollaborative#5110)

* Add handler fro AllUserDatabases to resolve Issue 5108

* Fix OTSB Issue

* adding SmartTarget tag to those cmds using it (sqlcollaborative#5109)

* 0.9.772

* Corrected property names for job start & end dates (sqlcollaborative#5115)

* Add namespace variable so that full type name can be resolved (sqlcollaborative#5114)

* Update Install-DbaMaintenanceSolution to fix sqlcollaborative#5096 (sqlcollaborative#5112)

Changed $instance to $server to fix sql authentication issue during job removal in a -ReplaceExisting scenario

* 0.9.773

* Make Backup-DbaDatabase use Database and ExcludeDatabase when piping (sqlcollaborative#5069)

* fixes sqlcollaborative#5044

* fix one test

* in instead of contains

* 0.9.773 changelog (sqlcollaborative#5118)

* Pass Login values to Copy-DbaLogin (sqlcollaborative#5120)

Call to `Copy-DbaLogin` simply didn't pass the values.

Fixes sqlcollaborative#5119

* Update Copy-DbaAgentAlert.ps1

Added check to make sure the operator exists at the destination before creating the alert. If not, skip the alert and update the output object.

* Update Copy-DbaAgentAlert.ps1

Removed trailing spaces per failed test: "176Describe : dbatools style
177Context : indentation
178Name : It Copy-DbaAgentAlert.ps1 has no trailing spaces (line(s) 154,156)
179Result : Failed
180Message : Expected 0, but got 2."

* Fix masking commands (sqlcollaborative#5071)

* Added check for unique indexes

* Added procedure to make up what the unique indexes are build with
Added check if excluded column is in a unique index

* Added table

* Added extra options for data generation

* Removed unused rowcount
Added unique value dictionary creation

* Added format for masking types

* Added support for using formatting of values

* Added check if any masking info is present

* Implemented unique index support

* Renamed variable

* Revert "Renamed variable"

This reverts commit 3f7adb8.

* Renamed variable and applied formatiing

* Fixed errors in unique value generation

* Added variable for the unique value columns
Changed the if statement for the unique columns

* Explicitly reset the new value variable

* Moved variables to make sure they get cleared in the loop

* Removed date selection
Added section for finance. Can be used for other types that support max

* Revert "Removed date selection"

This reverts commit 6ec4f16.

* Added section for support of max

* Added part for finance

* Removed finance from other section

* Changed if statement to switch

* Changed switch back to if statement
Removed sections
Added finance to other section

* Removed section for finance

* Added checks for supported data types, masking types and sub types

* Moved retrieval of method and properties to begin
Changed if statements for types

* Changed message of unsupported types

* Added new known types
Added format key to known types

* Added extra known types

* Implemented support for text and ntext data types

* Added ntext and text data types

* Added decimal data type

* Moved data retrieval down

* Added types and synonyms
Rearranged the types to be in alphabetical order

* Added types

* Added types to automatically assign the right maskingtype

* Improved the check for supported data types

* Fixed bug missing curly bracket

* Moved the retrieval of the data
Implemented selective columns for data retrieval

* Changed back to SELECT * instead of selective columns

* Changed the SELECT * to be selective columns from table and not object

* Moved data retrieval
Changed where statement build-up

* Removed debug query outputs

* Moved where build-up

* Added special conversion to date and datetime columns

* Fixed bug with missing comma

* Added error record

* Removed unneccesary if statement
Fixed bug with TEXT and NTEXT cast in WHERE clause

* Implemented handling of temporal  values generation
Formatted code

* Fixed bool handling

* Added decimal type

* Added fax synonyms

* Fixed bool handling

* Updates test should statement

* Changed back the should statement

* Enabled rdp

* Changed rdp password

* Formatted test

* Reset appveyor.yml to original settings

* Changed instance

* Changed instance

* Changed instance back

* Added credential

* 0.9.773

* change instance

* Make Backup-DbaDatabase use Database and ExcludeDatabase when piping (sqlcollaborative#5069)

* fixes sqlcollaborative#5044

* fix one test

* in instead of contains

* 0.9.773 changelog (sqlcollaborative#5118)

* Pass Login values to Copy-DbaLogin (sqlcollaborative#5120)

Call to `Copy-DbaLogin` simply didn't pass the values.

Fixes sqlcollaborative#5119

* Updated test to use other instance

* Enabled RDP

* Set RDP to be started before tests

* Removed RDP option again

* Added fix for datetime

* Formatted code

* Added extra check for temporal tables

* Changed test back to 2008 instance

* 0.9.774

* fix comparison issue

* 0.9.775

* Update Copy-DbaAgentAlert.ps1

Incorporated approach by @alevyinroc at alevyinroc@8a8a8da . Fixed issues mentioned in review by @wsmelton - thank you!

* Update Copy-DbaAgentAlert.ps1

Checked for $null $sourceAlertOperators so Compare-Object wouldn't fail with a $null -ReferenceObject.

* Update Copy-DbaAgentAlert.ps1

Removed trailing spaces.

* Add testing for skipped wen operator not there

* Update Copy-DbaAgentAlert.ps1

Un-did changes using external command Compare-Object which has poor performance and problems with errors and put in approach by @wsmelton. Thanks, Shawn!

* fix path issues

* Update Backup-DbaDbCertificate.ps1

adding the Certificate param to the call out to Get-DbaDbCertificate

* Doc update - correcting example in Export-DbaDacPackage

* Doc update - fixing example for Invoke-DbaAdvancedUpdate (sqlcollaborative#5143)

* Doc update - Fix example in Read-DbaBackupHeader

* Doc update - Fix example in Get-DbaSsisExecutionHistory (sqlcollaborative#5140)

* Doc update - Fixing command reference in examples and link - Get-DbaDbccUserOption (sqlcollaborative#5141)

* Changes to Restart-DbaService to resolve Issue 5128 (sqlcollaborative#5145)

* Update Get-DbaUserPermission.ps1 (sqlcollaborative#5135)

Changing the cleanup query to run on tempdb

* Get-DbaServerRoleMember - Correcting call to child call for Get-DbaLogin (sqlcollaborative#5132)

* format and correcting connect issue to login cmd

* remove restart of agent (test don't require runing state)

* 0.9.777

* Fixed where statements

* Formatted code

* Fix bug in Get-DbaDbFile NextGrowthEventSize

Update $nextgrowtheventadd calculation for Percent growth types
to account for file size being returned in pages.

Also, update $nextgrowtheventadd calculation for non-Percent
growth types to not account for file size being returned in
pages as the "* 8" calculation is already performed in the
T-SQL calls when growth is not percent-based.

* 0.9.778

* Add Registered Server Support for Core (mac/linux) (sqlcollaborative#5153)

* bulk changes to support CMS / Registered Servers

* moved some commands

* 0.9.779

* CommandExecute.sql only runs if $Solution = "All"

* some additions

* yesss

* enable azure for .Query()

* added for invoke as well

* remove comments

* 0.9.780

* fixed windows check

* make sure it queries something

* fixed formatting

* formatting

* Merge pull request sqlcollaborative#5157 from SQLGB/patch-1

Update Get-DbaAgentJobHistory.ps1

* Include WindowsGroup login types

* remove output

* Look at $ads to get domain name instead of parsing from the group's DN.

* connstring fixes

* formatting

* 0.9.781

* Use ProviderPath property to allow for UNC paths

* removed default

* enable no transaction

fixes sqlcollaborative#5159

* fix found bug

* updated and added tests

* moved commands to proper location

* 0.9.774 changes

* 0.9.775 updates

* 0.9.777 changes

* 0.9.778 updates

* 0.9.779 changes

* 0.9.780 changes

* 0.9.781 changes

* Correct date on 0.9.781

* more azure support (sqlcollaborative#5172)

* removed unnecessary params and added azure support

* added feature parity to connect-dbainstance

* Newazur (sqlcollaborative#5178)

added documentation

* 0.9.782

* Connect consolidation (sqlcollaborative#5180)

Connect-SqlInstance -> Connect-DbaInstance

* remove extra info

* fix tests that take too long

* Fix debug and Path is null issues (sqlcollaborative#5183)

* add debug by default and dbatools_enabledebug

* remove missing files

* discard leftovers

* put dac back

* A few more azure fixes (sqlcollaborative#5185)

* more azure fixes

* return azure connstring

* add new db support for azure

* remove open requirement

* Invoke-DbaDbDataMasking - made azure compliant, probably (sqlcollaborative#5184)

* made azure compliant, probably

* fix path for azure

* fix - before i was getting null exceptions
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