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Here, we'll help you understand how to contribute to the project, and talk about fun stuff like styles and guidelines.


So first, about contributing. We have a detailed contributing.md that you should read. It will answer your questions. But if you're tl;dr, here are the basics:

  • We are inclusive and want you to contribute
  • We can help you figure this stuff out
  • You can contribute in a number of different ways that don't require you to know PowerShell
  • If you have an idea for a new command, it must be approved first
  • This ensures the new command aligns with the spirit of the toolset
  • Some commands may be more appropriate for Microsoft's official SQL Server module
  • We encourage you to participate in the design of Microsoft's official module as well!
  • Ready to get started with your first Pull Request? Check out our tutorial

Style Guide

We have a Style Guide that you must read. It will answer your questions. Here are the basics:

  • Start with a template
  • Ensure your command works remotely and locally
  • There are a number of internal commands that are used within the module. Check out the "internal" folder
  • Use Dynamic Parameters where possible
  • Try to support SQL Server 2000-Azure
  • If you have to choose between SQL Server 2000 and Azure, go with Azure and ensure that you inform your users that your command does not support SQL Server 2000