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@@ -306,30 +306,13 @@ describes its purpose and role within the larger system.
<a name="vauth"></a>
## Verifying Code Authenticity

If you obtained an SQLite source tree from a secondary source, such as a
GitHub mirror, and you want to verify that it has not been altered, there
are a couple of ways to do that.

If you have a release version of SQLite, and you are using the
`sqlite3.c` amalgamation, then SHA3-256 hashes for the amalgamation are
available in the [change log]( on
the official website. After building the `sqlite3.c` file, you can check
that it is authentic by comparing the hash. This does not ensure that the
test scripts are unaltered, but it does validate the deliverable part of
the code and the verification process only involves computing and
comparing a single hash.

For versions other than an official release, or if you are building the
`sqlite3.c` amalgamation using non-standard build options, the verification
process is a little more involved. The `manifest` file at the root directory
of the source tree
The `manifest` file at the root directory of the source tree
contains either a SHA3-256 hash (for newer files) or a SHA1 hash (for
older files) for every source file in the repository. You can write a script
to extracts hashes from `manifest` and verifies the hashes against the
corresponding files in the source tree. The SHA3-256 hash of the `manifest`
older files) for every source file in the repository.
The SHA3-256 hash of the `manifest`
file itself is the official name of the version of the source tree that you
have. The `manifest.uuid` file should contain the SHA3-256 hash of the
`manifest` file. If all of the above hash comparisons are correct, then
have. The `manifest.uuid` file should contain the SHA3-256 hash of the
`manifest` file. If all of the above hash comparisons are correct, then
you can be confident that your source tree is authentic and unadulterated.

The format of the `manifest` file should be mostly self-explanatory, but
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
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D 2019-05-14T20:25:22.199
C Simplify\sthe\s"Verifying\sCode\sAuthenticity"\ssection\sof\sthe\\sfile.\nNo\scode\schanges.
D 2019-05-15T10:16:34.190
F .fossil-settings/empty-dirs dbb81e8fc0401ac46a1491ab34a7f2c7c0452f2f06b54ebb845d024ca8283ef1
F .fossil-settings/ignore-glob 35175cdfcf539b2318cb04a9901442804be81cd677d8b889fcc9149c21f239ea
F df5091916dbb40e6e9686186587125e1b2ff51f022cc334e886c19a0e9982724
F 4640daf826b80947a924ac44275c451ffc13007c7c866a5730c8ce5cf9e1dc74
F Makefile.linux-gcc 7bc79876b875010e8c8f9502eb935ca92aa3c434
F Makefile.msc 26957950b2b4f3b26e311eeea70437f85a77765f71d3a06489466d66ee321100
F 74745e53db87fdc86f571dd7ec1bd18e154d0abd6d37d2292a1062e931318a29
F 1514a365ffca3c138e00c5cc839906108a01011a6b082bad19b09781e3aa498a
F VERSION cc8cd90333c65cdf4cb346f356a2ce1eb0f5b7fa1d17a34d7350103e7320af1f
F aclocal.m4 a5c22d164aff7ed549d53a90fa56d56955281f50
F art/sqlite370.eps aa97a671332b432a54e1d74ff5e8775be34200c2
@@ -1825,7 +1825,7 @@ F vsixtest/vsixtest.tcl 6a9a6ab600c25a91a7acc6293828957a386a8a93
F vsixtest/ 2ed517e100c66dc455b492e1a33350c1b20fbcdc
F vsixtest/vsixtest.vcxproj.filters 37e51ffedcdb064aad6ff33b6148725226cd608e
F vsixtest/vsixtest_TemporaryKey.pfx e5b1b036facdb453873e7084e1cae9102ccc67a0
P 228e1087c0602470e450586499de5a3e87e266c688bc828f20e3bad2fdc65ff1
R d132bb7525b36863c7f0dbefbbac4ccc
U dan
Z 61ab05a485e7c528107861afc63f60a9
P bc7d2c1656396bb4f5f1f814e60dbf816cc91c5a521b54ad593cd3da0fe8dcb4
R 0f2b565ac9807e36fc0a9e8a572b8c12
U drh
Z 08150d30a9865a1ab89213245d21f470
@@ -1 +1 @@

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