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Also fix rowid column being shown when changing the sort order
Apply the same fix as in 189b750 for
the filters for the sort order.
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MKleusberg committed May 25, 2018
1 parent 3995ad2 commit 39302f5b6061cf687a81984406e20070d60b4563
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  1. +4 −0 src/MainWindow.cpp
@@ -1640,6 +1640,10 @@ void MainWindow::browseTableHeaderClicked(int logicalindex)
ui->dataTable->setCurrentIndex(ui->dataTable->currentIndex().sibling(0, logicalindex));

attachPlot(ui->dataTable, m_browseTableModel, &browseTableSettings[currentlyBrowsedTableName()]);

// This seems to be necessary as a workaround for newer Qt versions. Otherwise the rowid column is always shown after changing the filters.
bool showRowid = browseTableSettings[currentlyBrowsedTableName()].showRowid;
ui->dataTable->setColumnHidden(0, !showRowid);

void MainWindow::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent*)

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