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User SQL log with results and other fixes and improvements in Execute…
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## Enhancements
1.  Following suggestions in issue #1448, I've added the filename, line
references and results to the User log dock as comments. The same output
for the last query goes to the usual SQL results widget. The multiple
statement executions are therefore added while executing and not in a
block that might eventually not being executed.

2. I added a busy mouse cursor for giving hint to user when there is a query
in execution and when it has finished.

3. The cursor moves to the erroneous line if the query ends with error.

## Fixes

1. The error indicators where sometimes displaced. This was caused by
manipulations of the query before passing it to SQLite. Whitespace and
comments are discarded by SQLite, so it is better to just let it ignore
them. The only visible change seems that they might be recorded in the log or
or be decorated as error when they are adjacent to the next query.
Transaction bits are replaced by the same amount of spaces, so the
character indexing inside the query isn't perturbed.

2. The default case for the sqlite3_step has been changed to an error case
since all the possible non-error cases have already been treated.
Otherwise constraint errors in INSERT statements (for example) are not
indicated as errors, but the query execution ends anyway.
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mgrojo committed Jun 30, 2018
1 parent 588363b commit 6d44c6d
Showing 1 changed file with 43 additions and 23 deletions.
66 changes: 43 additions & 23 deletions src/MainWindow.cpp
Original file line number Diff line number Diff line change
Expand Up @@ -1035,44 +1035,52 @@ void MainWindow::executeQuery()
QString query;
int execution_start_line = 0;
int execution_start_index = 0;
int execution_start_position = 0;
SqlTextEdit *editor = sqlWidget->getEditor();
if(sender()->objectName() == "actionSqlExecuteLine")
int cursor_line, cursor_index;
SqlTextEdit *editor = sqlWidget->getEditor();

editor->getCursorPosition(&cursor_line, &cursor_index);

execution_start_line = cursor_line;

int lineStartCursorPosition = editor->positionFromLineIndex(cursor_line, 0);
execution_start_position = editor->positionFromLineIndex(cursor_line, 0);

QString entireSQL = editor->text();
QString firstPartEntireSQL = entireSQL.left(lineStartCursorPosition);
QString secondPartEntireSQL = entireSQL.right(entireSQL.length() - lineStartCursorPosition);
QString firstPartEntireSQL = entireSQL.left(execution_start_position);
QString secondPartEntireSQL = entireSQL.right(entireSQL.length() - execution_start_position);

QString firstPartSQL = firstPartEntireSQL.split(";").last();
QString lastPartSQL = secondPartEntireSQL.split(";").first();

query = firstPartSQL + lastPartSQL;
db.logSQL(tr("-- EXECUTING LINE AT '%1'\n--").arg(sqlWidget->fileName()), kLogMsg_User);

} else {
// if a part of the query is selected, we will only execute this part
query = sqlWidget->getSelectedSql();
int dummy;
if(query.isEmpty()) {
query = sqlWidget->getSql();
sqlWidget->getEditor()->getSelection(&execution_start_line, &execution_start_index, &dummy, &dummy);
db.logSQL(tr("-- EXECUTING ALL AT '%1'\n--").arg(sqlWidget->fileName()), kLogMsg_User);
} else {
editor->getSelection(&execution_start_line, &execution_start_index, &dummy, &dummy);
execution_start_position = editor->positionFromLineIndex(execution_start_line, execution_start_index);
db.logSQL(tr("-- EXECUTING SELECTION AT '%1'\n--").arg(sqlWidget->fileName()), kLogMsg_User);


if (query.trimmed().isEmpty() || query.trimmed() == ";")

query = query.remove(QRegExp("^\\s*BEGIN TRANSACTION;|COMMIT;\\s*$")).trimmed();
// All replacements in the query should be made by the same amount of characters, so the positions in the file
// for error indicators and line and column logs are not displaced.
// Whitespace and comments are discarded by SQLite, so it is better to just let it ignore them.

query = query.replace(QRegExp("^(\\s*)BEGIN TRANSACTION;", Qt::CaseInsensitive), "\\1 ");
query = query.replace(QRegExp("COMMIT;(\\s*)$", Qt::CaseInsensitive), " \\1");

//log the query
db.logSQL(query, kLogMsg_User);
sqlite3_stmt *vm;
QByteArray utf8Query = query.toUtf8();
const char *tail =;
Expand All @@ -1086,7 +1094,9 @@ void MainWindow::executeQuery()
bool savepoint_created = false;

// Remove any error indicators


// Accept multi-line queries, by looping until the tail is empty
QElapsedTimer timer;
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -1146,7 +1156,7 @@ void MainWindow::executeQuery()
sql3status = sqlite3_prepare_v2(pDb.get(), tail, tail_length, &vm, &tail);
QString queryPart = QString::fromUtf8(qbegin, tail - qbegin);
tail_length -= (tail - qbegin);
int execution_end_index = execution_start_index + tail_length_before - tail_length;
int execution_end_position = execution_start_position + tail_length_before - tail_length;

if (sql3status == SQLITE_OK)
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -1179,9 +1189,7 @@ void MainWindow::executeQuery()
qApp->processEvents(); // to make row count available

// The query takes the last placeholder as it may itself contain the sequence '%' + number
statusMessage = tr("%1 rows returned in %2ms from: %3").arg(
statusMessage = tr("%1 rows returned in %2ms").arg(model->rowCount()).arg(timer.elapsed());
ok = true;
Expand All @@ -1205,28 +1213,38 @@ void MainWindow::executeQuery()
if(query_part_type != StatementType::AttachStatement && query_part_type != StatementType::DetachStatement)
modified = true;

statusMessage = tr("Query executed successfully: %1 (took %2ms%3)").arg(queryPart.trimmed()).arg(timer.elapsed()).arg(stmtHasChangedDatabase);
statusMessage = tr("query executed successfully. Took %1ms%2").arg(timer.elapsed()).arg(stmtHasChangedDatabase);
ok = true;
statusMessage = QString::fromUtf8(sqlite3_errmsg(pDb.get())) + ": " + queryPart;
ok = true;
ok = false;
} else {
statusMessage = QString::fromUtf8(sqlite3_errmsg(pDb.get())) + ": " + queryPart;
sqlWidget->getEditor()->setErrorIndicator(execution_start_line, execution_start_index, execution_start_line, execution_end_index);
ok = false;

editor->lineIndexFromPosition(execution_start_position+1, &execution_start_line, &execution_start_index);

if (!ok) {
int execution_end_index, execution_end_line;
editor->lineIndexFromPosition(execution_end_position, &execution_end_line, &execution_end_index);
statusMessage = QString::fromUtf8(sqlite3_errmsg(pDb.get()));
editor->setErrorIndicator(execution_start_line, execution_start_index, execution_end_line, execution_end_index);
editor->setCursorPosition(execution_start_line, execution_start_index);
// Log the query and the result message.
// The query takes the last placeholder as it may itself contain the sequence '%' + number.
statusMessage = QString("-- At line %1:\n%4\n-- Result: %3").arg(execution_start_line+1).arg(statusMessage).arg(queryPart.trimmed());
db.logSQL(statusMessage, kLogMsg_User);

pDb = nullptr; // release db

execution_start_index = execution_end_index;
execution_start_position = execution_end_position;

// Revert to save point now if it wasn't needed. We need to do this here because there are some rare cases where the next statement might
// be affected by what is only a temporary and unnecessary savepoint. For example in this case:
Expand All @@ -1252,6 +1270,8 @@ void MainWindow::executeQuery()
// If the DB structure was changed by some command in this SQL script, update our schema representations


void MainWindow::mainTabSelected(int tabindex)
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