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Fix PRAGMA view when loading a project file

When loading a project file which changes the foreign_keys or the
case_sensitive_like PRAGMAs while being in the Edit Pragma tab didn't
update the UI accordingly. Only after changing the tab and returning to
the Edit Pragma tab updated the controls.
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MKleusberg committed Aug 9, 2018
1 parent c9d651c commit a23c0a0852ba0b59d3c9fea5f40add845a1307d8
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  1. +1 −0 src/MainWindow.cpp
@@ -2364,6 +2364,7 @@ bool MainWindow::loadProject(QString filename, bool readOnly)
db.setPragma("foreign_keys", xml.attributes().value("foreign_keys").toString());
db.setPragma("case_sensitive_like", xml.attributes().value("case_sensitive_like").toString());
} else if( == "window") {
// Window settings
while(xml.readNext() != QXmlStreamReader::EndElement && != "window")

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