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Only allow selection of tables in Export SQL dialog
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Only allow the user to select which tables to export in the Export SQL
dialog instead of tables and views. The selection of views wasn't
respected anyway, so the list including views is just confusing.
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MKleusberg committed May 16, 2018
1 parent 28baba8 commit b384027
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
6 changes: 3 additions & 3 deletions src/ExportSqlDialog.cpp
Expand Up @@ -28,9 +28,9 @@ ExportSqlDialog::ExportSqlDialog(DBBrowserDB* db, QWidget* parent, const QString
ui->comboOldSchema->setCurrentIndex(Settings::getValue("exportsql", "oldschema").toInt());

// Get list of tables to export
objectMap objects = pdb->getBrowsableObjects("main");
for(auto it=objects.constBegin();it!=objects.constEnd();++it)
ui->listTables->addItem(new QListWidgetItem(QIcon(QString(":icons/%1").arg(sqlb::Object::typeToString((*it)->type()))), (*it)->name()));
QList<sqlb::ObjectPtr> objects = pdb->schemata["main"].values("table");
for(const sqlb::ObjectPtr& it : objects)
ui->listTables->addItem(new QListWidgetItem(QIcon(QString(":icons/%1").arg(sqlb::Object::typeToString(it->type()))), it->name()));

// Sort list of tables and select the table specified in the
// selection parameter or all tables if table not specified
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