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grammar: Fix row value parsing, improve whitespace handling, fix tests
This commit fixes a regression which was introduced in commit
788134e which broke the parsing of row

It also makes sure CHECK expressions are parsed in exactly the same way,
no matter whether they are a column or a table constraint. Before spaces
were added to the query in a different way. The way it was done for
column constaints had also an error were the minus sign of a negative
number was separated from the first digit by a space. This is fixed,

Because of all the changes this commit also adjusts the tests to expect
the new layout of the check expressions. It also adds some new tests for
row values and for complex expressions to make sure both work. Finally,
it also removes all QScintilla dependencies from the tests which don't
seem to be necessary.
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MKleusberg committed Jul 13, 2018
1 parent 67d14d5 commit c150d1a7664eb02c669e609ee0b01d9c93ad3336

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@MKleusberg MKleusberg commented on c150d1a Jul 13, 2018

I'll deal with the build error later. I think it's just the older Qt version we're using on Travis. Should be possible to work around this by casting the values passed to QCOMPARE to have exactly the same type.

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