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Support schemata other than main in the Browse Data tab

Similar to commit 44eb2d4 this commit
makes use of the backend code improvements introduced in commit

It adds support for database schemata other than "main" to the Browse
Data tab. With this it's possible again to browse and edit data of
temporary tables using the Browse Data tab. This time, however, they are
separated logically from "main" tables. So handling temporary tables
should be a lot less error prone now, plus it's easier to tell for the
user what tables goes in what schema.

This commit changes the project file format. There is some code included
which allows loading of project files in the old format. However,
project files generated using versions after this commit can't be loaded
by older versions of DB4S.
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MKleusberg committed Sep 4, 2017
1 parent 1a3e3d3 commit ea1659e1d09c6d1e3452d3dd76986ac901d637dd
@@ -40,7 +40,13 @@ QVariant DbStructureModel::data(const QModelIndex& index, int role) const
case Qt::DisplayRole:
return Settings::getValue("db", "hideschemalinebreaks").toBool() ? item->text(index.column()).replace("\n", " ").simplified() : item->text(index.column());
// For the display role and the browsabled branch of the tree we want to show the column name including the schema name if necessary (i.e.
// for schemata != "main"). For the normal structure branch of the tree we don't want to add the schema name because it's already obvious from
// the position of the item in the tree.
if(index.column() == ColumnName && item->parent() == browsablesRootItem)
return sqlb::ObjectIdentifier(item->text(ColumnSchema), item->text(ColumnName)).toDisplayString();
return Settings::getValue("db", "hideschemalinebreaks").toBool() ? item->text(index.column()).replace("\n", " ").simplified() : item->text(index.column());
case Qt::EditRole:
case Qt::ToolTipRole: // Don't modify the text when it's supposed to be shown in a tooltip
return item->text(index.column());
@@ -138,22 +144,22 @@ void DbStructureModel::reloadData()
// In the root node there are two nodes: 'browsables' and 'all'. The first node contains a list of a all browsable objects, i.e. views and tables.
// The seconds node contains four sub-nodes (tables, indices, views and triggers), each containing a list of objects of that type.
// This way we only have to have and only have to update one model and can use it in all sorts of places, just by setting a different root node.
QTreeWidgetItem* itemBrowsables = new QTreeWidgetItem(rootItem);
itemBrowsables->setIcon(ColumnName, QIcon(QString(":/icons/view")));
itemBrowsables->setText(ColumnName, tr("Browsables"));
browsablesRootItem = new QTreeWidgetItem(rootItem);
browsablesRootItem->setIcon(ColumnName, QIcon(QString(":/icons/view")));
browsablesRootItem->setText(ColumnName, tr("Browsables"));

QTreeWidgetItem* itemAll = new QTreeWidgetItem(rootItem);
itemAll->setIcon(ColumnName, QIcon(QString(":/icons/database")));
itemAll->setText(ColumnName, tr("All"));
buildTree(itemAll, itemBrowsables, "main");
buildTree(itemAll, "main");

// Add the temporary database as a node if it isn't empty
QTreeWidgetItem* itemTemp = new QTreeWidgetItem(itemAll);
itemTemp->setIcon(ColumnName, QIcon(QString(":/icons/database")));
itemTemp->setText(ColumnName, tr("Temporary"));
buildTree(itemTemp, itemBrowsables, "temp");
buildTree(itemTemp, "temp");

// Refresh the view
@@ -232,7 +238,7 @@ bool DbStructureModel::dropMimeData(const QMimeData* data, Qt::DropAction action

void DbStructureModel::buildTree(QTreeWidgetItem* parent, QTreeWidgetItem* browsables, const QString& schema)
void DbStructureModel::buildTree(QTreeWidgetItem* parent, const QString& schema)
// Build a map from object type to tree node to simplify finding the correct tree node later
QMap<QString, QTreeWidgetItem*> typeToParentItem;
@@ -274,12 +280,7 @@ void DbStructureModel::buildTree(QTreeWidgetItem* parent, QTreeWidgetItem* brows

// If it is a table or view add the field nodes, add an extra node for the browsable section
if((*it)->type() == sqlb::Object::Types::Table || (*it)->type() == sqlb::Object::Types::View)
// TODO We're currently only adding objects in the main schema to the list of browsable objects because browsing non-main objects
// isn't really supported in the main window yet. As soon as this is implemented the following if statement can be removed.
if(schema == "main")
addNode(browsables, *it, schema);
addNode(browsablesRootItem, *it, schema);

// Add field nodes if there are any
sqlb::FieldInfoList fieldList = (*it)->fieldInformation();
@@ -39,10 +39,11 @@ class DbStructureModel : public QAbstractItemModel

QTreeWidgetItem* rootItem;
DBBrowserDB& m_db;
QTreeWidgetItem* rootItem;
QTreeWidgetItem* browsablesRootItem;

void buildTree(QTreeWidgetItem* parent, QTreeWidgetItem* browsables, const QString& schema);
void buildTree(QTreeWidgetItem* parent, const QString& schema);
QTreeWidgetItem* addNode(QTreeWidgetItem* parent, const sqlb::ObjectPtr& object, const QString& schema);

@@ -433,7 +433,9 @@ void ExtendedTableWidget::cellClicked(const QModelIndex& index)
sqlb::ForeignKeyClause fk = m->getForeignKeyClause(index.column()-1);

emit foreignKeyClicked(fk.table(), fk.columns().size() ? fk.columns().at(0) : "", m->data(index, Qt::EditRole).toByteArray());
emit foreignKeyClicked(sqlb::ObjectIdentifier(m->currentTableName().schema(), fk.table()),
fk.columns().size() ? fk.columns().at(0) : "",
m->data(index, Qt::EditRole).toByteArray());

@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@

class QMenu;
class FilterTableHeader;
namespace sqlb { class ObjectIdentifier; }

class ExtendedTableWidget : public QTableView
@@ -26,7 +27,7 @@ public slots:
void reloadSettings();

void foreignKeyClicked(const QString& table, const QString& column, const QByteArray& value);
void foreignKeyClicked(const sqlb::ObjectIdentifier& table, const QString& column, const QByteArray& value);
void switchTable(bool next); // 'next' parameter is set to true if next table should be selected and to false if previous table should be selected


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