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Class 'NullLineEdit' lacks Q_OBJECT macro #1740

justinclift opened this Issue Feb 11, 2019 · 7 comments


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justinclift commented Feb 11, 2019

Setting up a Win 7 development environment with Qt Creator, in an attempt to figure out what's going wrong with the SQLCipher 4 encryption for new databases.

Interestingly, Qt Creator is throwing an error, even though MSVC 2017 compiles things ok:

Class `NullLineEdit` lacks Q_OBJECT macro
C:\git_repos\sqlitebrowser\src\AddRecordDialog.cpp    39

Which looks like this line:

QAction* nullAction = new QAction(QIcon(":/icons/set_to_null"), tr("Set to NULL"), editContextMenu);

Anyone know if this is a legit error? MSVC 2017 doesn't seem to complain about it.


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mgrojo commented Feb 11, 2019

I don't know if it's actually needed, but might be safer adding it.


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MKleusberg commented Feb 11, 2019

Pretty sure it's not needed - everything's working after all 😉 However, if I remember correctly the Qt moc gets confused if we add the Q_OBJECT macro without pulling out the class into a separate file. Pretty sure that's the only reason why we didn't add this before 😄


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MKleusberg commented Feb 11, 2019

By the way, looks like this is a duplicate of #1628 😉


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mgrojo commented Feb 11, 2019

This change removes the warning:

diff --git a/src/AddRecordDialog.cpp b/src/AddRecordDialog.cpp
index 3b63afd5..f3428dda 100644
--- a/src/AddRecordDialog.cpp
+++ b/src/AddRecordDialog.cpp
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
 #include <QMenu>
 class NullLineEdit: public QLineEdit {
     bool m_isNull;
@@ -338,3 +339,5 @@ void AddRecordDialog::on_buttonBox_clicked(QAbstractButton* button)
+#include "AddRecordDialog.moc"

Should this be disregarded then?


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MKleusberg commented Feb 11, 2019

You're right! With the extra include it should be working fine 👍 Feel free to commit this then 😄

@mgrojo mgrojo removed the windows label Feb 11, 2019

mgrojo added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 11, 2019

Class 'NullLineEdit' lacks Q_OBJECT macro
Qt Creator and lupdate are giving warnings about this class lacking the
Q_OBJECT macro. Although it seems to not be needed, adding it will silence
the warnings without drawbacks.

See issue #1740.

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mgrojo commented Feb 11, 2019

Ok, commited.


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justinclift commented Feb 12, 2019

Tested this again on the same Win7 dev VM, and yep the build now succeeds without that warning. Thanks @mgrojo. 😄

@justinclift justinclift added this to the 3.12.0 - Future release milestone Feb 12, 2019

justinclift added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 18, 2019

Class 'NullLineEdit' lacks Q_OBJECT macro
Qt Creator and lupdate are giving warnings about this class lacking the
Q_OBJECT macro. Although it seems to not be needed, adding it will silence
the warnings without drawbacks.

See issue #1740.

@justinclift justinclift referenced this issue Feb 18, 2019


3.11.1 - outstanding pieces #1747

12 of 13 tasks complete

deepsidhu1313 added a commit to deepsidhu1313/sqlitebrowser that referenced this issue Feb 20, 2019

Changes from upstream (#8)
* Replace link style from pragma labels to an embedded icon with link

Even after having removed the hard-coded style from the link texts, this
combination of hyperlink over regular window background is not giving good
results in some dark theme colours. It is uncommon to have this combination
in GUI applications.

The link in the label has been replaced by a link in an embedded icon.

In order to be still recognisable as a link (apart from the hand icon) the
link hover signal is connected to a slot showing the link in the status bar
for 5 seconds.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1493

* Align Mac shortcut in Scintilla to standard and Qt for Alt+Backspace

In Mac the standard shortcut for deleting word to the left is Alt+Backspace
so we set this key sequence in Scintilla editors as alternate for Mac.

Section Standard Shortcuts:
DeleteStartOfWord	is Alt+Backspace in macOS column.

See issue sqlitebrowser#815

* Cmd+Backspace should delete from cursor to the beginning of line on macOS

See issue sqlitebrowser#815

* Merge updated Spanish translation for v3.11.x

- New SQLcipher dialog strings
- Extensions filter
- Remove translation for Alt+Del, since it has to match the official Qt
translation and it changes between versions. When the shortcut isn't
changed, it is better to not translate the shortcut at all.

# Conflicts:
#	src/translations/sqlb_es_ES.ts

* Merge updated Spanish translation for v3.11.x (Fix possible resource leaks)

This is an update of the translation file followed by a manual merge of

See issue sqlitebrowser#1691

* Merge e completamento traduzione italiana (sqlitebrowser#1705)

* Nuke the AppImage stuff until we have time to investigate the failures

* Add source code locations to Portuguese translation file

Otherwise linguist doesn't show the widgets or source code references.

See PR sqlitebrowser#1707

* "Save Project" to remember filename and new "Save Project As" action

"Save Project" remembers used filename, at second and successive calls
the user is not asked for the filename. Ellipsis are removed, since it
only opens a dialog the first time.

A Wait Cursor is set while saving so the user does not get the impression
that pressing "Save Project" does nothing.

"Save Project As" action is added, so the user can still save to another
filename when saved for the first time. Added icon combining package.png
and textfield_rename.png from the Silk icon set.

The base filename for a new project does not include the DB suffix.

Problems saving the project file are detected and the user warned.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1706

* Added icon for foreign-key fields

Fields having a foreign-key constraint are shown with a distinctive icon.

New icon based on page_green.png and bullet_key.png from the Silk icon set.

See comment in issue sqlitebrowser#192

* New Czech translations (sqlitebrowser#1710)

* dbhub: Attempt to fix the OK button in the Push dialog

The OK button in the Remote Push dialog sometimes needed to be clicked
twice in order to work. That's because whenever the Database Name field
loses focus, we would send out a request for the updated branch list.
While processing this request the OK button is effectively disabled by
Qt. This commit aims for an easy fix by changing the request to happen
whenever the text in the Name field changes. This way the timing is a
lot less sensitive. We will need to see however if this introduces other
timing issues for users with slow Internet connections.

* Add a comment

* Fix executing selection only in Execute SQL tab

When executing only a part of a query by selecting the start of it in
the Execute SQL tab, SQLite would execute it until the next semicolon,
even when the selection does not go as far. This commit changes this
back to the old behaviour to only ever execute exactly the selected part
of a query.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1708.

* Ask user about saving any modified data in SQL tabs

User is asked once for saving modified SQL tabs not attached to a file to
the current project file (or to a new project file, when there isn't any

For each tab linked to a file, the user is asked to save the changes to the

The asking is performed when the tab is closed, or when the application
is closing.

The modified attribute of the editor is set to false when the data is
saved or has just been loaded in the editor.

See issues sqlitebrowser#1386 and sqlitebrowser#1706

* New action "Save All"

New action "Save All" for saving all the files currently opened by the
application: DB file, SQL files and project file. Can be activated through
shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+S) and File menu.

Icon composed from package.png and database_save.png.

See issues sqlitebrowser#871 and sqlitebrowser#1706

* Fix shortcut items in the MSI installer

See issue sqlitebrowser#1713.

* refactor: find correct QScintilla package

* Building with CMake on macOS (sqlitebrowser#1644)

* Fix override warning in selectAll

This change fixes a cmpile warning on Mac OS: (10.12.6) + Clang

warning: 'selectAll' overrides a member function but is not marked

Fixes sqlitebrowser#1718

* Rectify the sort indicator after multiple column selection

When more than one column is selected we abort the sorting, but Qt has
already assigned the sort indicator to the last selected column, so we
have to restore the saved settings to fix the sort indicator column.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1717

* Double click a column for selecting it

Since the mouse release triggers the sorting, we were unable to select
only one column. Connecting the double click over the header to a column
selection, we are able to select that column. However, we cannot select
one column without sorting by it, since the sorting is triggered before,
on the first mouse click.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1717

* CMake installation on macOS should also copy the icon & desktop files

Should address sqlitebrowser#1723

* Homebrew seems to have removed all support for formula options

* Use our new, slightly customised, SQLite3 Homebrew tap

* Enable/disable "Save All" button

The  "Save All" button is now disabled and enabled with the same criteria
than the save project buttons.

See issues sqlitebrowser#871 and sqlitebrowser#1706

* Fix ambiguous shortcut for Ctrl+/

The shortcut was ambiguous because it was active in the button and in the
SQL editor itself. In the button was only documentation and was made
ambiguous when enabling the feature and fixing the shortcut in

Now its scope is reduced to widget like similar button shortcuts so it can
be unambiguous in the editor.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1614

* Use Qt 5.12.1 for our Win64 nightly builds

* qtquick1_*.qm doesn't seem to be included with Qt 5.12.1

* Switch Win64 nightly builds back to Qt 5.11.3

This is due to a weird word wrap bug in Qt 5.12.1

* Update DB4S version numbers in our issue templates

* Added 3.11.0 to the Releases section

* Update

Grammar tweak.

* Updated currentrelease file for 3.11.0

* Improve the size policy (toolbars and improved icons) (sqlitebrowser#1684)

* Improve the size policy (and more and better icons)

These changes improve the size policy for translations having long texts
in some buttons by:

* Converting the text buttons in the Edit Database Cell to icons
* Making the "Type of data" label wrappable and expandable
* Converting the text buttons in the Browse Data tab to icons
* Allowing the Plot combo-boxes to shrunk

All this allows both the Browse Data and the docks to grow and shrink with
more freedom.

New icons for buttons are reused when appropriate in context menus.

Added icon for filter and improve icon for docks (has been mirrored so it
matches the actual dock position).

Added Print icon in Edit Database Cell using the extra free space, so the
print action there is more visible.

This continues the effort started in sqlitebrowser#1324.

* Convert the embedded buttons to actual toolbars

This provides more flexibility, like the way how toolbars are compacted
when they have not enough space.

The QToolButtons in Browse Data tab and in Edit Cell dialog are converted
to QActions and inserted in new toolbars embedded in the same place as
the old buttons. Everything else should stay the same (shortcuts, tool-tips
and what's-this information).

* Set style for all toolbars in Preferences and minor adjustments

The combo-box used for the main toolbar is replicated for all the toolbars
in application. In this way, users with high resolutions can use the styles
with both icons and text, while users with lower resolutions can leave the
default styles, which should be better for them.

Some icon texts has been abbreviated from their default values, so they fit
better in the toolbars when they are visible.

The print icon in Edit Cell has been moved to the right, where it would be
the first to be collapsed.

The original what's-this info for Set as NULL in Edit Cell toolbar has been

* Remove no longer used overloaded function

The addShortcutsTooltip function applying to QWidget was no longer used
after having converted all the buttons to actions, so it is removed.

* grammar: Disable window function parsing

Remove the window function grammar rules. I think they are not needed
anyway as long as we only parse CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX
statements and unexpectedly they do seem to cause problems. It it still
worth investigating how this is possible but for now removing them seems
like the best option.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1733.

* tests: Add test case for ee70a34

Add a test case for the bug which motivated disabling the window
function rules in ee70a34.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1733.

* Make Add Record button work again with a single click

In 5f4d0ee the Add Record button in the
Browse Table tab was inadvertently changed to only open a popup menu
after a long click but not triggering the Add Record action after a
normal click. This restores the old behaviour.

* Fix text detection check

Truncating the text in bytes boundaries for the quick test was breaking
the text detection for Russian and probably any script encoded in more than
one byte. The problem occurred probably when a multibyte character was
truncated at the 512 boundary. This is a bit improbable in latin-based
languages like German or Spanish, whose most characters are a byte, but
very easy in other scripts, like Cyrillic, whose characters are encoded in
more than one.

The new approach is based in QTextCodec finding invalid characters using
the current encoding, which seems immune to the truncation problem.
According to callgrind, it has also better performance, probably because it
does not involve memory comparison.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1731

* Detect XML data starting with a declaration

Checking for "<?xml" at the beginning of a text is a quick and simple test
that will detect most of the XML cases.

This fills an obvious gap in sqlitebrowser#1537.

* Fix static analyzer issues (sqlitebrowser#1727)

* Fix `barsGroup` memory leak

* Remove unused values

* Revert currentrelease to 3.10.1

Our encryption of new databases with SQLCipher 4.0.1 is broken :(,
so we'll need to fix it and do a 3.11.1 release.

* Class 'NullLineEdit' lacks Q_OBJECT macro

Qt Creator and lupdate are giving warnings about this class lacking the
Q_OBJECT macro. Although it seems to not be needed, adding it will silence
the warnings without drawbacks.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1740.

* sqlcipher: Fix editing the encryption for SQLCipher4

With SQLCipher4 the encryption was not working as expected because the
KDF and HMAC algorithms were not set properly. This is fixed in this
commit so it should work now with SQLCipher4 as well as SQLCipher3.

See issues sqlitebrowser#1690 and sqlitebrowser#1732.

* Add warnings to cmake compilation (sqlitebrowser#1721)

* Add warnings to cmake compilation

Use the same set of warning flags that are used for qmake compilation.

See comments in sqlitebrowser#1718.

* Add condition for warning flags not supported by GCC 5.5

Satisfy Travis build by adding the unrecognised warning flags only when
the compiler version is greater or equal 7.0. Maybe those flags are
available in previous versions, but I don't know when they were introduced.

Tested with GCC 7.3.

* CMake option for enabling GCC warnings

This option follows the qmake configuration, where the same all_warnings
option exist. This allows users to select compiling with or without
warnings using "cmake -DALL_WARNINGS=ON" or OFF.

* Speed up the SQL import a bit

This commit attempts to speed up the SQL import a bit by removing
unnecessary conversions and counting of characters. It's still far from
perfect though.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1045.

* Allow downgrading from nightly versions to stable releases

  sqlitebrowser#1743 (comment)

* DowngradeErrorMessage needed removing too

* AllowSameVersionUpgrades also needed removing

* Fix build on some platforms

Fix build issues caused by 13a8a1f.

* Further performance improvements in the SQL import

This eliminates some unneeded conversions in the SQL import code which
should speed up the import and reduce its memory consumption.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1045.

* Add more of our macOS packaging files

* Don't ask for saving changes when importing a SQL file

When importing a SQL file into a new database, we would create a
database file, import everything, then close the database and open it in
the GUI. While closing, however, the application asks you whether you
want to save the changes you made which can be confusing. This is solved
by creating an empty database, then closing it immediately without any
changes just to then open it in the GUI. Only then the import takes

See comment in issue sqlitebrowser#1045.

* Fix alterTable() function

Fix a few issues in the alterTable() code. One type of issue would
happen if there are any keys or constraints in the table. Because the
check whether more changes are needed did not work as expected, we would
try to edit the table again, even though it is already correct. The
second type of issue (which can be triggered independently but which can
also be a follow-up issue to the first one) tries to access the table by
its old name even though it might already have been renamed.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1725.

* Allow custom display formats (sqlitebrowser#1720)

Allow user to define their own display formats. The SQL code is editable
and the combo box changes automatically to custom if the user edits one
of the predefined formats.

The display format (either custom or predefined) is validated with a 
case-insensitive regex so at least it contains a function applied to the column

Added a new callback for executeSQL following the model of sqlite3_exec.
Using this, the number of columns is got from a checking query execution. If
it is not one, the custom display format is also rejected.

Note that these validations might still be fooled in some unforeseen way, but
the users should know what they're doing.

See issue sqlitebrowser#573

* Add SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT4 to the nightly Windows builds

For the windows component of sqlitebrowser#1161.

* Make early network accesses more reliable when using WLAN

The automatic update check is performed early during the application
start. It turns out that, when using a Wifi connection, the Qt
networking code is not ready yet at this point which leads to an
"Network inaccessible" error. This commit delays the automatic update
check until the network configuration is loaded completely.

See issue sqlitebrowser#1595.

* Add 3.11.1 to and to the issue templates

* Move the automatic update check back into the main window class

See issue sqlitebrowser#1595.

* Update currentrelease file for 3.11.1

* Simplify code
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