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@justinclift justinclift released this Jul 21, 2017 · 1353 commits to master since this release

The first beta for our 3.10.0 release series!


  • Basic integration
  • Many plot improvements (NULL values, progress dialog, remember settings, better colours, and bug fixes)
  • Better table editing (foreign key editor, toggling the WITHOUT ROWID flag, temporary tables, ...)
  • Better Import CSV dialog. It can now handle multiple CSV files at once
  • Improved Index dialog and better index handling in general
  • Better handling of virtual tables
  • Filter improvements (ranges, NULL search)
  • The usual improvements to the grammar parser

& many, many other enhancements + bug fixes


  • All builds (both Windows and MacOS X) include SQLCipher for strong encryption.
  • The version of SQLCipher included is a bit old. Our next beta or Release Candidate will include the newest version.
  • The initial (remote dock) code still needs work, but should be ok to try in the next beta or Release Candidate.

Please report any/all bugs you find. 😄

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