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DB Browser for SQLite 3.11.0-alpha1

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@MKleusberg MKleusberg released this 10 Oct 16:52
· 1384 commits to master since this release


  • improvements
  • CSV import: speed, memory usage, usability, type detection and new default rules
  • Attach databases
  • Menu options for filtering
  • JSON and XML editors
  • Improvements to the plot UI
  • Better copy & paste support
  • Dark theme support
  • Multi-threaded loading of data
  • Default quotes changed to double quotes
  • Add Record dialog
  • Printing support


  • On windows, our new .msi installers don't uninstall the previous releases of DB4S. You'll need to manually uninstall older versions of DB4S yourself first before upgrading.
  • Our project file format has changed. Older format files are loaded fine, but all saving of project files is done using the new project file format.
  • This alpha1 release has some known outstanding things we intend to address in subsequent alpha or betas:
    • We still need to update the included SQLCipher version, as the version in this alpha1 release is pretty old. That should be done by the next alpha or beta. (@justinclift)
    • The Qt version for Win64 and macOS builds needing updating to the latest release, as this should improve our screen reader and accessibility support (#1451)


  • Add menu option for attaching database and allow usage of attached databases throughout the entire UI (532fcd3, 44eb2d4, fbaf78e, 315019d, 1a3e3d3, ea1659e, a5ca756, 7db96cd, 72d64ed, f01ad40, 3e02420, #1131, #1132, #1133)
  • Make import of multiple CSV files easier to use (#1121)
  • Optimise the Import CSV dialog for better usability (#1072)
  • Improve speed of preview table for large fields in the Import CSV dialog (#720)
  • Speed up CSV import a lot and reduce its memory usage (6432517, b7a00d3, 6ed8080, 0eb1f65, 659f38e, ed9fda2)
  • All sorts of improvements for tracking databases and pushing them back to the cloud (8a540a2, fef884a, f18064f, b2ddcdd, f926a67, 8c0e4bf, c692ae0, 64b3341, d738597, 24ee209, a1855d8, eff92c2, #1136)
  • Move button for saving Execute SQL results to the toolbar (#1122)
  • Rearrange display format list for better usability (31e499d)
  • Add menu option to hide selected columns (and unhide them) in the Browse Data view (#1135, d4e228d)
  • Add automatic type detection to the CSV import (#1003, #1382)
  • Improve splitters in Execute SQL tab (#380)
  • New menu options for using a value as a filter in the Browse Data tab, and support all filter operators for strings (#1182, #1463)
  • Allow renaming SQL tabs by double clicking their title (#1186)
  • Add support for filtering for empty strings in the Browse Data tab (#1189)
  • Add a new menu option for also copying the headers to the clipboard (#1058)
  • Add a search bar (Ctrl+F) to Execute SQL editors (#191)
  • Add a find and replace dialog (Ctrl+H) to all SQL editors (#191)
  • It's now possible to select points in a plot and the corresponding rows in the table will be selected (e8e5671)
  • Show number of records to delete in the Delete Record button caption (5fbf5ca)
  • Add new display formats (46ec019, #1213, #1467)
  • Add special editor for JSON data in the Edit Cell dialog (#1173)
  • Add special editor for XML data in the Edit Cell dialog (#1253)
  • Use HTML when copying table data to the clipboard. This way less data is lost when pasting to spreadsheet applications (e60e9ff)
  • Some improvements to the plot UI including zooming, dragging and copying the plot to the clipboard (ade5627, #1245, cef1e90, #950, #1258, e34d360, #838, #1271, b2fbf45, #1310, c4109e6)
  • Some minor improvements to the Execute SQL UI (87e1b9b, 6d44c6d)
  • Allow pasting a value into multiple cells at once (0d7ca9b)
  • Allow changing the font of the result view in the Execute SQL tab (#1240)
  • Add a new button to the Browse Data tab to create a view from the current settings (#1246)
  • Add two new toolbar for Extra actions and for Project actions and add some more icons to the existing toolbars and menus (#331)
  • Allow configuration of BLOB text and style for the Browse Data tab (#1263)
  • Add a new dialog for managing database file extensions (#659)
  • Add possibility to drag and drop fields from the DB Schema dock to the SQL text editors (#119, #1250)
  • Add a Delete Record(s) option to the context menu of the table rows in the Browse Data tab(#1283)
  • Add a new --read-only command line option (#1265)
  • Allow duplicating multiple records at once (#1090)
  • Auto complete SQL keywords in upper case and add an option for it in the Preferences dialog (#1238, #1287)
  • Respect the ORDER BY clause when plotting a table view (#821, #838)
  • Also auto complete column names when they are not preceded by their table name (#1242)
  • Add bar charts to the plot dock (#1302)
  • Allow adding a legend to the plot (#1302)
  • Add "What's This" popups in some more places (52ae85d, 2c9cf75)
  • Avoid any hard coded colours and query system colours wherever possible. In practice this adds support for dark themes (#1324)
  • Add new option for setting the line wrap in editors (#1173)
  • When clicking the Report Bug menu item some system information are included automatically (#1386)
  • When an entire row is selected and you press the Delete key, the row is now deleted (#1391)
  • Change the rules for the CSV import and add a couple of options to override them (#1395)
  • Add a new menu item to export the current table view with all its settings to a CSV file (#1402)
  • Add support for deleting rows from views with editing unlocked (#141)
  • Add menu option to copy selection in table view as SQL statements (#1422)
  • Move loading of table records into a separate thread for better UI responsiveness (#1394)
  • Change the quotes for SQL identifiers from grave to double quotes and add an option to the Preferences dialog for it (#1436)
  • Change Open Database toolbar action to open a popup menu with an extra option to open a database in read-only mode (#1432)
  • Comments containing filename, line number and results of the executed statements are added to the "User" part of the SQL log dock (#1448)
  • Look for a dotenv file with a stored password when trying to open an encrypted database (#1404)
  • Make the Unlock View Editing dialog easier to use (241372e)
  • Add support for creating and editing in-memory databases (#335, #1492)
  • Menu restructured, Tools menu added (#1434)
  • Add case_sensitive_like pragma to the Edit Pragmas tab and save it to the project file (#1494, c9d651c)
  • When adding an empty row fails open a new Add Record dialog instead in the Browse Data tab. Also make the new dialog available by a new button (#530, #1477)
  • Store the values of all pragmas which aren't stored in the database in the project files (#1518)
  • Add schema names to the auto completion list of names and allow completion of schema.table.field (#1433)
  • Some new configuration options for the drag and drop of item names from the DB Schema dock (#1433, #1534)
  • Preselect file format filter depending on the current data type when exporting cell contents to a file (#1535)
  • Allow saving the hex editor contents when exporting binary cell contents to a file and allow copying the same data to the clipboard (#1438, #1485)
  • Add printing support to text and hex editors, plots, Database Structure tab, Browse Data tab and Execute SQL tabs (#1525)
  • Add some new menu items for optimising and checking the integrity of the database (#1435)
  • Save attached databases in the project file (#1532)
  • Add basic support for window functions (7e23214, 517743f)
  • Add an optional auto completion popup to the Browse Data tab which shows up when editing a cell (e1101ae, 04f27cc, 88d1cbc, b4b933c)
  • Some polishing of the main window UI (#420, f42b614)
  • Automatically preselect correct editor depending on the detected data type in the Edit Cell dialog (#1537)

Bug fixes

  • Avoid extra spaces when formatting SQL statements (18bcbf1)
  • Fix bugs (4dc5286)
  • Fix detection of image data in Edit Cell dialog (#1138, #1159)
  • Fix Vacuum dialog (c616b39)
  • Allow selecting text in Edit Cell dialog even if database is read only (#1123, #1461)
  • Clear filters in Browse Data tab when table structure changes (#1020)
  • Add support for parsing multiple foreign keys in column constraints (677d360)
  • Fix memory leaks (28446a4)
  • Fix input of custom data types in Edit Table dialog so it doesn't require you to hit Enter (#1147)
  • Don't query foreign key pragma all the time in Edit Table dialog (#1130)
  • Avoid unnecessary queries in Browse Data tab (#1108, #1187)
  • Support UTF16 strings in the default collation in DB4S (#1172)
  • Never override the built-in collations (#1172)
  • Fix problems when opening a database by drag and drop (9cff69f, #1236)
  • Fix crash when trying to edit the display format of a view column (9fd4ebe)
  • Better error and changes detection in Execute SQL tab (#1181, #1185)
  • Fix parsing of SQL statements on systems with some locales like Turkish (#1194)
  • Fix some high DPI issues (#1184)
  • Improve BLOB detection in Browse Data tab (9b30940)
  • Fix changing table name to a name that only differs in case (#1200)
  • Fix progress dialog of CSV import for very large files (#1212)
  • Select current display format when opening the Custom Display Format dialog (#1202)
  • Only display the horizontal scrollbar in the SQL editor when it's necessary (d8aeae1)
  • Show keyboard shortcuts in some places where they were missing (9ce4b23)
  • Fix restoring previous settings in the Export SQL dialog (ccb1fd4)
  • Never use quotes when copying data from the table view to the text clipboard (#1244)
  • Fix crash when clicking Save SQL file button when no SQL tab is opened (#1248)
  • Fix pasting table data from spreadsheet applications which put an extra line break at the end of the text (#1244)
  • Fix pasting when actually no data is in the clipboard (9db70e0)
  • Copying and pasting between different tables and copying binary data in the Browse Data tab is now always lossless (47b0749, #1257)
  • Fix copying binary data (316860a)
  • Don't ignore possible error messages when duplicating a record (#1255)
  • Don't truncate data at 32768 characters when editing it in directly in the table widget (#1281)
  • Fix binary data detection in table views (#1279, 27c6579, c9c848e, feda408)
  • Allow unsetting the encoding of a table (#1279)
  • Fix drag and drop of tables from the Schema tab (117af5a)
  • Fix style of web links in UI (#1286)
  • Fix execution of some SQL statements with comments and/or line breaks in them (#1270, #1334)
  • Add support for tables with ON CONFLICT clauses for their primary key (743e798)
  • Fix crash when pressing Tab at the last cell of a view (#1289)
  • Fix crash when trying to add an index to a database without any tables (#1293)
  • Fix problems after drag & drop of tables onto the structure view (#1288)
  • Copy original statement when clicking the Copy Create Statement menu option (#1300)
  • Fix updating and deleting from tables without rowid if the primary key value contains a "'" character (#1332)
  • Don't show "Show Rowid" menu option for tables without rowid (#1332)
  • Our project file format is now text only. This helps if you want to edit it in a text editor (#1306)
  • Don't commit the current transaction when trying to change the defer_foreign_keys PRAGMA (aebfc51)
  • Fix error messages when importing SQL files (431c671)
  • Show icons in Export SQL dialog (28baba8)
  • Only allow exporting tables in Export SQL dialog (b384027)
  • Tweak order of statements in exported SQL file for less import problems (b6c0560)
  • Fix text of toolbar actions for deleting and modifying objects other than tables (13d9f98)
  • Remember "primary key" of a view unlocked for editing when changing to another object and back (ea25618)
  • Only allow powers of two for page size in Cipher Settings dialog and Edit Pragma tab (#1405, 8a07f0e)
  • Make sure the insert and delete record buttons are only enabled if they can be used (115d1f1)
  • Suggest correct file extensions when export content of a cell to a file (885f4f7)
  • Make sure to reset results view even when a query didn't return any rows (#1437)
  • Auto suggest encodings in Select Encoding dialog (588363b)
  • Fix parsing of some complex SQL expressions in CREATE statements and fix parsing of CHECK constraints (#1454, c150d1a)
  • Fix multiple SQL statements in Execute SQL tab being split up at the wrong position (#1470)
  • Don't allow editing the SQL preview in the Create Index dialog (7a9f310)
  • When jumping to a row referenced to by a foreign key by using Ctrl+Shift+Click, perform an exact search instead of a LIKE search (d50a27a)
  • Fix crash when browsing a table, then deleting it in another tab and then switching back to the Browse Data tab (2701223)
  • Fix string quotes in Custom Display Format dialog (b6f47f9)
  • Prevent possible data loss when editing table with foreign keys enabled and ON DELETE CASCADE references (#1481)
  • Fix view when loading a project file while being in the Edit Pragma tab (a23c0a0)
  • Avoid confusion about the SQLCipher version in the About dialog (#1474)
  • Don't remove a record from the table view temporarily when deleting it has failed (#1511)
  • Show better error messages when importing SQL files (#1519)
  • Defer foreign keys when importing SQL files to avoid import issues for some files (#1519)
  • Fix editing of auto_vacuum pragma via the UI (#1518)
  • Fix initial loading of databases which depend on extension functions to be present (f3e6aec)
  • Fix cursor after SQL import finished (#1526)
  • Fix completion of quoted identifiers in SQL editor (#1433)
  • Fix positioning of cursor in Execute SQL tab when there is an error near a multi-byte character (99c53a4)
  • Fix some possible crashes when loading an invalid project file (717ff07)
  • Fix auto completion of keyword ROWID (78ae2c3)
  • Better error messages when editing the definition of a table fails (#1547)
  • Fix auto completion not working in some cases until you refresh the database (#1549)
  • Avoid unnecessary queries in the Browse Data tab in some cases (c78c03b)
  • Fix inserting, deleting and editing of rows in WITHOUT ROWID tables with a primary key of TEXT type (#1559)

Platform specific


  • Use MSI installers (#1400)
  • Make sure the image plugins are loaded properly (#1188, 9016bf6)
  • Also install license files (12ee94c)
  • Add version info to Windows executables (#1387)
  • Fix line breaks in SQL export (#1502)


  • Work around a Qt bug which causes high pings for Wifi connections (#1209)
  • Add a workaround to improve rendering performance on 4k/5k resolutions (#1233)
  • Add .sqlite, .db3 and .sqlite3 to the list of file associations (28f6c6e, 3008747)
  • Fix shortcut name for following a foreign key (#1539)


  • Make install paths configurable for qmake build (#1443)


  • Fix problem with switching the workspace on Gnome (#934)


  • Fix call tips in SQL editor for languages with non-Latin scripts (#1107, #1206)
  • Never translate the name of the pragmas in the Edit Pragma tab (9a30e6c)
  • Spanish translation updated (#1190, 2b6f0d7, aa82b52, 636136a)
  • German translation updated (09e170f)
  • Korean translation updated (8c85ff9)
  • Polish translation added (#1456)
  • French translation updated (b7dbfc8)

Packaging and Building

  • Fix code to work with Qt 5.10 and later (e6a4326, 189b750, 39302f5, 72506fb, #1475)
  • Update the bundled qcustomplot librar to version 2.0.0
  • Silence some cmake warnings (#635, #1143)
  • Show the build date of the nightly builds in the About dialog (0bc430b)
  • Restored Qt 5.2 compatibility (#1298)


  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.11.0-alpha1.dmg
    • e26a811551e02001f755bd9b9ea80135945425d657f4a645b6feda848bee4910
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.11.0-alpha1-win32.msi
    • ae555225eacaa382d9cb0d92b95ed9ca35742041f387a312f27b64ca256c8dd4
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.11.0-alpha1-win64.msi
    • 645821c46e1d9002ae1939ae97a2328d7bf6d7b9960e26ff2dbd368201ce87bd