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DB Browser for SQLite 3.11.0-beta3

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@justinclift justinclift released this 13 Dec 10:43
· 57 commits to v3.11.x since this release

This 3.11.0-beta3 release only has minor improvements over yesterdays 3.11.0-beta2.

  • The Windows installer dialogs have been cleaned up and reorganised.
  • The Windows installer now detects and uninstalls the prior release (3.10.1) automatically.
  • The macOS installation now includes the SQLite math extensions (math.dylib) too (was already added for Windows in a prior beta).
    • It's located in the Contents/Extensions/ folder inside DB Browser for
    • To use it, you'll need to either manually load it (ToolsLoad Extension), or tell DB4S to automatically load it every time (PreferencesExtensions).
    • macOS doesn't easily allow going inside .app folders in file selection dialogs. To navigate to the correct folder you'll probably need to press Shift (⇧)+Command (⌘)+g when the file selection dialog is open, then give it the path of /Applications/DB Browser for
    • @SilvioGrosso has kindly created a video showing how to load the math extensions on windows

Notes on the windows installers

We've moved to providing MSI based installers, instead of the previous .exe ones. These new installers include both SQLite and SQLCipher (for optional encryption):

  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.11.0-beta3-win32.msi
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.11.0-beta3-win64.msi

Additionally, there's now a .zip version of each. That's useful for people needing to run DB Browser for SQLite without installing it first.


If you're not sure which one to get, try the .msi version first. :)


  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.11.0-beta3.dmg
    • b667cc94f8f421ce94cb94334589ec23b0807819a791bb0f33490a5496ca2349
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.11.0-beta3-win32.msi
    • 6b0ff8db3d303cbcfe26928b43bcf3f7cfcf09e8a9032f377c9a8ac994bf19f0
    • d9c35e49432fc2e8d4e51ecf0b75b6284b3bfca0bee8d6f4d21fe1c32e1793f5
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.11.0-beta3-win64.msi
    • eb7c05be05c4080262632d7f41b4998e3458d2467d6802080074e5724720a10f
    • 8d762e02536516c6a82851c09911bc4fbc38b1000a397a20b530676834692f98