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SQLite Database Browser 3.3.0

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@rp- rp- released this 25 Aug 00:56
· 5 commits to v3.3.x since this release


  • Several, several fixes in our SQL grammar parser allowing you to edit more databases using the UI tools.
  • Make adding new rows less confusing by showing automatically generated data by default values, triggers or the PK right after the new row is added. 6705e8c
  • Edit Table dialog: Add option for adding a unique constraint to columns. ff50a94
  • UI improvements: Show line numbers in the SQL log (5f4066c), avoid extreme column widths in the table view showing the results of a SQL statement (a3affde), add a new dock showing the DB schema (beae692)
  • Add a database schema pane (can be torn off), so the schema can be viewed while in the Execute SQL tab. beae692
  • Tag name correction in git repo. #53


  • Added a Russian translation. 87bda98
  • We have most of a German translation now.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a few "crashes when loading database" bugs. #56 #63 #77
  • Fix import of CSV files containing multi-byte Unicode characters. d8bc658
  • Complete quoting for parameters of some CMake commands. #71
  • Some comments were corrected. #69
  • Compilation warning [-Wformat] fixes. #65
  • Outdated version number in src/app.plist file. #62