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DB Browser for SQLite 3.4.0
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@rp- rp- released this

Our first release using the new(-ish) name of "DB Browser for SQLite". 馃槃

In this release, our CSV file import and export code has been extensively
modified for better RFC compatibility. The CSV code has also been changed
to use a streaming approach (thanks Rene!) instead of loading everything
into memory first. This allows the import and export of large data sets, which
previously crashed the application when it ran out of memory.

Another important feature in this release is support for custom collation
sequences. This lets people use SQLite3 databases copied from their Android
phone or tablet. Previously, the database would load, but every operation
would error out with "No such collation sequence: LOCALIZED". Should be
useful. 馃槈

Naturally this release has several other bug fixes and usability tweaks, plus
the bundled version of SQLite has been updated to the latest (v3.8.7).


  • Install icon to hicolor directory bug enhancement fix #136
  • Updated OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) support status to confirmed #134
  • Updated Linux support status to confirmed #72 #111
  • <tab> key to move to next filter #106
  • Fixed the new compile warnings on OSX #102
  • Access more than one database #100
  • Add extra path to make it compile on FreeBSD #93
  • No such collation sequence: LOCALIZED #54
  • French translation thanks to @mvt91 #92
  • Allow custom types in edit table dialog #108
  • Improve handling of default values in the edit table dialog #64 #126
  • Improve database structure view 7b6bee1 9207e46

Bug Fixes

  • Exporting Text fields should always use quotation marks #135
  • Insert data problem with NOT NULL #110
  • Table export to CSV crashes for large tables with out-of-memory exception #107
  • Refresh Button clears filters #105
  • Default value not working correctly #97
  • Crash with inserting 10000 rows #95
  • Importing csv-file deletes spaces bug #84
  • Fix query execution when there is an expression in the limit clause #91
  • Don't allow creating indices on views c7c7774
  • Data browser: only one result filtered. Bottom left we see 0, where there is 1 #122
  • Font size too small in log part of "Execute SQL" tab #131
  • Grammar parser fails to parse two quotes as used for escaping one #128