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DB Browser for SQLite 3.6.0

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@MKleusberg MKleusberg released this
· 2 commits to v3.6.x since this release

NOTE - On windows, if you get an error message about MSVCP120.dll being missing, then you need to install the (free) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, available here. It's pretty easy. 😉

Release 3.6.0 is here!

After a LOOONG wait (over two and a half months!) version 3.6.0 is ready for your use.

This is a very big update - including our very first 64-bit windows build - with tonnes of usability enhancements, bug fixes, and many improvements. You'll want to upgrade to this. 😀

Major new features are...

  • Our first 64-bit windows release! If you notice any weirdness from it, please let us know. 😄
  • Now using Scintilla for our code editor which brings many nice improvements like brace matching, code folding, error highlighting, multi-line tab and shift+tab, better code completion, help texts, etc.
  • Better SQL export
  • REGEXP support (see the wiki page for details...)
  • NULL value highlighting - customisable in the preferences
    screen shot 2015-03-11 at 21 49 42


  • Highlight NULL values in all table views and make the highlighting configurable - #163 and #220 (thanks to @Samir-Aguiar)
  • Use Scintilla as code editor - #260 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Allow manually setting the application language in the Preferences Dialog - #182 (thanks to @Samir-Aguiar)
  • Pressing tab on last field of "Browse Data" now auto-creates a new record, making it faster to add new rows - #209 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Added an AppData file for all the Linux software centres - #178 (thanks to @glawrence)
  • Add an option for the tab size in the SQL code editor - d8cdcbd (thanks to @rp-)
  • Add option to name the columns in the SQL export files - #242 (thanks to @schdub)
  • Allow schema only export when exporting SQL files - #103 (thanks to @schdub)
  • Allow resizing multiple columns at once in the Browse Data tab - #241 (thanks to @schdub)
  • Mark syntax errors in the Execute SQL tab after their execution failed - 649b179 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Data browsing using Database Structure table selection - #246 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Add support for non-integer primary keys in Without Rowid tables - #240 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Add option to Preferences Dialog to disable automatic version check - #173 and #208 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Improve error messages a little bit - 3c24397, b2b068f, and 808c771 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Add support for CR line ending in the CSV import - #212 (thanks to @Samir-Aguiar)
  • Add implementation for the REGEXP operator in SQL code - #215 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Allow copying information in About dialog - #222 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Set focus to text edit after clearing in Edit Data dialog - 50c0340 (thanks to @Samir-Aguiar)
  • Support MSVC2013 builds - 8cbc13a (thanks to @rp-)

Bug fixes

  • Some translations had the Preferences menu in the wrong place on OSX - #200 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Fix new version check - 2c25b7e (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Fix +Infinite and -Infinite Expression on Export Database to SQL file - #244 (thanks to @schdub)
  • Fix type of imported BLOB data - #239 (thanks to @schdub)
  • Modify Table list selection could be 'fooled' by dragging - #261 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • There were no file format filters in the Open File dialog when opening a database file - #266 (thanks to @Samir-Aguiar)
  • Escape special characters in headers and values correctly in CSV export - #219 (thanks to @Samir-Aguiar)
  • Grammar parser didn't read foreign key column constraints - #227 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Fix crash when having a table with a foreign key referencing a column the name of which uses different upper/lower case characters - #228 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Disable actions to save SQL when no file is open - #233 (thanks to @Samir-Aguiar)
  • Don't add file filters on OS X in Edit Data dialog to work around a Qt bug - #230 (thanks to @Samir-Aguiar)
  • Fix bug where sort arrows in the Browse Data tab were pointing in the wrong direction - #231 (thanks to @Samir-Aguiar)


Other notes

  • New Windows builds
    • New 64-bit build
    • Updated to QT 5.4.1 (shared dll)
    • Bundles SQLite 3.8.9
    • Requires the (free) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 to be installed, available here.
  • MacOS X builds
    • The standard SQLite build bundles SQLite 3.8.9
    • The build including SQLCipher support bundles SQLCipher 3.2.0 (based on SQLite 3.8.6)

Special thanks

  • @glawrence for writing wiki pages, helping our with issues, and getting his first commit done for the AppData issue! 😉
  • @richardfontana for helping us with legal pointers!
  • @lbartoletti for updating the FreeBSD port.
  • @deepsidhu1313 for volunteering to package .debs for our releases.
  • @Z4us for answering people's questions and generally being helpful 😄
  • @cbredesen for taking the time to compile a special 32-bit OSX build for us to help a DB4S Community member out
  • And last but not least, thank you to all of the people who are suggesting ideas, or reporting issues and confirming back if the fixes work or not. It really makes a positive difference!


  • sqlitebrowser-3.6.0v3-win32.exe
    • d3edc5fd80a152c7d219ba8298d8c52b3dd8a87f6a4f5a9fb66f00e619bbabe5
  • sqlitebrowser-3.6.0v3-win64.exe
    • 21c406468ed6f3a61909162a696602d6079c84d2c8cab96b61a9a24bde54e2c6
  • sqlitebrowser-3.6.0.dmg
    • 6231a90898cf2189b5d9715e64a04d59c9f1aa83ca81501274ab03316f0adf06
  • sqlitebrowser-with_sqlcipher_support-3.6.0.dmg
    • 580c439c8c43bd81adb234314ccb14a5972e3a4222287428f175b0f67fcd6ccf
  • SQLiteDatabaseBrowserPortable_3.6.0_English.paf.exe
    • d0288aca18b86efc6ef51d3e38f20632a637385a99a576bff4e0b7fb5530c7c8