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@MKleusberg MKleusberg released this Jun 14, 2015 · 2218 commits to master since this release

Whilst it is not so long since the release of 3.6.0 this new version contains some important enhancements, and fixes issues that are getting filed a lot. Specifically UTF-8 characters in the SQL Editor window and Windows dependency installation issues.

Please note that with any new translation you will need to manually select it in the preferences if you have used an earlier version, however fresh installs should detect the new translation.


  • Remove superfluous whitespace from Schema column in DB Structure view - #283 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Add option to remember last location for file dialogs - #224, #276, #281 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Add option for setting the font used in the SQL code editor - #299 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Preserve filters in Browse Data tab when changing tabs - #305 (thanks to @schdub)
  • Allow setting the line type and the point shape in the plot area - #317 (thanks to @schdub)
  • Add a 'Copy Create statement' popup action to Database Browser tab - #140 (thanks to @MKleusberg)

Bug fixes

  • Fix UTF-8 characters in SQL code editor - #282 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Make sure to always show text data (instead of 'BLOB') in Browse Data tab no matter the column's data type in the table definition - 517ecec (thanks to @schdub)
  • EditTableDialog: Add '=' in front of default value when it is a function - #166 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Fix a couple of typos - abc432f (thanks to @mafagafogigante)
  • Fix incorrect extra ');' after create table statement in exported SQL - #349 (thanks to @schdub)
  • Regexp cannot handle NULL text - #353 (thanks to @MKleusberg)

Updated translations

  • Update Russian translation - 07af4b6 (thanks to @schdub)
  • Add a Brazilian Portuguese translation - #328 (thanks to @mafagafogigante)
  • Add an English (United Kingdom) translation - 0f68c85 (thanks to @glawrence)

For packagers

Windows release

  • Add support for Windows XP again - 4f3855e (thanks to @rp-)
  • Install the vcredist package during installation - d99d83f (thanks to @rp-)

Special thanks

  • @glawrence - (One of our two new team members) for your awesome Community spirit, and the excellent wiki pages you're creating. 😄
  • @schdub - (Our newest team member) for the Russian translations, much coding, and (hopefully) the upcoming ER bits. 😉
  • @Z4us - For helping out with our issues. Especially the more technical sqlite database ones. 😀
  • @deepsidhu1313 and @lbartoletti - For packaging and porting DB4S on Ubuntu and FreeBSD. 😄

Other notes

  • MacOS X builds
    • The standard SQLite build bundles SQLite
    • The build including SQLCipher support bundles SQLCipher 3.2.0 (based on SQLite 3.8.6)


  • sqlitebrowser-3.7.0-win32.exe
    • dd61e4a9458f89016a100da51bbdef636a9c907c2daae424ab61a5a5c468d189
  • sqlitebrowser-3.7.0-win64.exe
    • 614dbb321d10bef847cdfbd893a801b9b4db3d04feb7026b3b7711cd968b9424
  • sqlitebrowser-3.7.0.dmg
    • 421dc0d64a61f393bee6a482bc32fbdce4b4cdab6f5be10e9214624604079bbb
  • sqlitebrowser-with_sqlcipher_support-3.7.0.dmg
    • 37fa7dca77bad0cf14616f44538f2fb9372d97310be3017a57d1045051faf9b3
  • SQLiteDatabaseBrowserPortable_3.7.0_English.paf.exe
    • bb10b8c76a7b8d70fe3fc03de12f67414cf990d55dfeb6d01247af9b951847fc
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