@revolter revolter released this Aug 24, 2016 · 48 commits to v3.9.x since this release

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It's been yet another half a year (more precisely, 8 months) since the previous version 3.8.0 was released, and a lot of good things happened. 😄

Major features

  • Strong encryption is now supported on Windows, using SQLCipher! - 5d98a19 (thanks to @huy-cong and @justinclift for figuring this out)
  • Keyboard navigation in the "Browse Data" tab now works well
  • Our releases are now digitally signed on both Windows and MacOS


Bug fixes

  • Fix building on CentOS - #572 (thanks to @Maxim-Mazurok)
  • Fix crash when browsing data in some cases - 730a272 (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Fix font blur on retina displays in the SQL Log - #575 (thanks to @nickberry17)
  • Fix crash when trying to delete records from empty table - #590 (thanks to @innermous)
  • Fix database toolbar actions not updating after deleting a table - #600 (thanks to @revolter)
  • Fix cancel button not working in the Export SQL dialog - #608 (thanks to @justinclift)
  • Fix Field separator and Quote character preferences not restoring correctly - #609 (thanks to @justinclift)
  • Fix various small bugs with the quote and separator choices - #611 (thanks to @justinclift)
  • Fix primary keys not being quoted when creating/modifying tables - 7e0adab (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Fix crash in Browse Data tab when pasting empty string over non-empty cell - 1ce62d7 (thanks to @innermous)
  • Fix cell Edit Dialog not showing up centered - #644 (thanks to @DelphiGit)
  • Fix Show rowid column option not correctly refreshing the table view - #645 (thanks to @revolter)
  • Fix crash when hovering over any row from the rowid column - #646 (thanks to @revolter)
  • Fix for unquoted path vulnerability in the Windows app - #649 (thanks to @DelphiGit and @justinclift)
  • Fix incorrect app version in Finder's Info view - #658 (thanks to @revolter)
  • Fix crash when trying to Export table(s) as CSV in some cases - 2c1ab5b (thanks to @innermous)
  • Fix navigation keyboard shortcuts not working in Browse Data tab in some cases - 2bcc603 (thanks to @justinclift)
  • Fix DB Toolbar visibility preference setting not restored in some cases - #666 😈 (thanks to @innermous)
  • Fix Alt-Delete not setting the selected cell to NULL - #663 (thanks to @justinclift)
  • Fix transactions not being ignored when executing SQL - #656 (thanks to @revolter)
  • Fix elements focus order on Tab press - #676 (thanks to @chrisjlocke)
  • Fix Edit Dialog opening when pressing Enter - a7b5c3f (thanks to @MKleusberg)
  • Fix Filter Input row in RTL Locales - #685 (thanks to @SafaAlfulaij)
  • Fix Edit Dock default position - 30d2ce3 (thanks to @revolter)
  • Fix crash when closing unsaved database (or some other rare cases) - #690 (thanks to @revolter)
  • Fix font preference settings not being reflected in the Edit Dock - 7eb733b (thanks to @justinclift)
  • Fix Arabic translations not showing up correctly - #702 (thanks to @justinclift)
  • Fix cell binary data getting corrupted when trying to edit in place - #708 (thanks to @SafaAlfulaij)
  • Fix foreign key preview not showing up for foreign keys in the first column - #718 (thanks to @schdub)


Other notes

You can go to the Change Log for the detailed version of the changes listed here and to the Commit Log for the full list of changes.


  • DB Browser for SQLite-3.9.0-win32.exe
    • 91ca3e0ec015fef1bcb8924a9c727dffa170bd8a134ffd742f891440b33bf468
  • DB Browser for SQLite-3.9.0-win64.exe
    • 0e1cb18193d7fb8414fb7572ab7055aa1a8bd9c47136af687c42a45be36b5c4f
  • DB Browser for SQLite-3.9.0.dmg
    • 6d82db8924c3ff7d9abda45a844fe000db9679255722fb2ebf07b93d9c2f0e11
  • SQLiteDatabaseBrowserPortable_3.9.0_English.paf.exe
    • b09e87139291e47e0d4e694d72b70d27a073835f2ec2e02f47bef7b3f3fcb10a