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A .NET Client for SQLizer's API
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A .NET Client for SQLizer's API

SQLizer lets you easily and securely convert Excel, JSON, CSV and other files into SQL databases with table definitions and multiple INSERT statements. We're free for non-commercial use on files with under 5000 rows of data and our paid plans enable you to use our powerful API to build data pipelines that handle billions of rows a day.

SQlizer's API Help Documentation

Getting Started

To convert a file, use to the SQLizerFile object, like this:

SQLizerClient.Settings.ApiKey = "{your api key}"; // This can be found on

var file = new SQLizerClient.SQLizerFile("source.xlsx");

file.DatabaseType = SQLizerClient.DatabaseType.MySQL;
file.TableName = "my_table";
file.HasHeaders = true;
file.SheetName = "Sheet1";
file.CellRange = "A1:C99";
file.CheckTableExists = true;
file.InsertSpacing = 250;

await file.SaveResultAsync("destination.sql");
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